Daily Archives: July 7, 2010

Today’s Small Thing Which Brought Me Such Joy

Gaze in wonder, O dear readers, at the burst pipe in my basement. This pipe burst some indefinite time ago, thanks to water freezing inside of it. We would have noticed it earlier, except that the pipe leads to an outside faucet that hasn’t been used for years because it was obscured by a veritable […]

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For When You Want to Send an E-Mail to the SFWA President

I’ve been President of SFWA for about a week now, which is enough time to know that folks appear to want to talk to me in my capacity as President of SFWA. If you are one of those people, here’s what you do: Please send that e-mail to my official Presidential e-mail address, “president@sfwa.org“. Conversely, […]

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SciFi 70s Flashback!

Hey, remember how a few weeks ago I did that FilmCritic.com column on 1980s science fiction films ripe for the remaking? Well, I’m doing it again — except this time, it’s 70s science fiction films up for the remaking. Because I’m lazy, that’s why! But lazy or not, I guarantee you’ll find lots to discuss […]

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