Today’s Small Thing Which Brought Me Such Joy

Gaze in wonder, O dear readers, at the burst pipe in my basement. This pipe burst some indefinite time ago, thanks to water freezing inside of it. We would have noticed it earlier, except that the pipe leads to an outside faucet that hasn’t been used for years because it was obscured by a veritable miniature jungle of brush in my backyard.

That is, until the landscapers tore out all that brush yesterday and used the faucet today to water the new plants they put in. The good news is that the plants were indeed watered. The bad news was that so were several boxes of books and old electronics I stored in the basement. So I and Krissy spent a good portion of the afternoon moving and emptying out boxes, throwing out soaked stuff and generally doing more exercise in the subterranean depths of our house than either of us would have preferred to do.

Fortunately, not too much of value was lost. All of the books were fine (the cardboard of the boxes took the moisture hit) and the electronics and computer equipment that I stored down there was of the “I’ll just keep these old speakers down here in case I ever need them” variety, i.e., this may have been God’s way of telling me it was time to throw that crap out. Dear God: I thought you said you were done with floods.

Anyway, deeply annoying and took time out of our day, but it could have been a whole lot worse. We’ll be telling the landscapers to use the other outside faucet tomorrow and put a call into our plumber to fix the pipe. Then we’ll sacrifice a goat or one of the neighbors to the gods of mischief to ensure it will never happen again. I think the goat might be the usual sacrifice, but the neighbor might be easier to lure into the basement. Hmmm. I may have said too much.


For When You Want to Send an E-Mail to the SFWA President

I’ve been President of SFWA for about a week now, which is enough time to know that folks appear to want to talk to me in my capacity as President of SFWA. If you are one of those people, here’s what you do:

Please send that e-mail to my official Presidential e-mail address, ““.

Conversely, please do not send e-mail relating to SFWA to my personal e-mail address.

The reason for this is pretty simple: My personal address is for my personal and business correspondence, and I would like to keep SFWA business and correspondence separate that, lest I descend into complete organizational madness. Nobody wants that. Except the haters. Stupid haters.

Anyway, for the future, please remember: SFWA business to the SFWA account; personal business to the personal account. Thank you.

(Note: This entry valid through June 30, 2011 only. After that, it’s possible/probable someone else will be SFWA president. In which case definitely don’t send SFWA-related business to my personal address.)


SciFi 70s Flashback!

Hey, remember how a few weeks ago I did that column on 1980s science fiction films ripe for the remaking? Well, I’m doing it again — except this time, it’s 70s science fiction films up for the remaking. Because I’m lazy, that’s why! But lazy or not, I guarantee you’ll find lots to discuss in this list of remake-able science fiction flicks. Want to argue with me about the selections? Well, that’s what the comment thread is over there for.

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