For When You Want to Send an E-Mail to the SFWA President

I’ve been President of SFWA for about a week now, which is enough time to know that folks appear to want to talk to me in my capacity as President of SFWA. If you are one of those people, here’s what you do:

Please send that e-mail to my official Presidential e-mail address, ““.

Conversely, please do not send e-mail relating to SFWA to my personal e-mail address.

The reason for this is pretty simple: My personal address is for my personal and business correspondence, and I would like to keep SFWA business and correspondence separate that, lest I descend into complete organizational madness. Nobody wants that. Except the haters. Stupid haters.

Anyway, for the future, please remember: SFWA business to the SFWA account; personal business to the personal account. Thank you.

(Note: This entry valid through June 30, 2011 only. After that, it’s possible/probable someone else will be SFWA president. In which case definitely don’t send SFWA-related business to my personal address.)

19 Comments on “For When You Want to Send an E-Mail to the SFWA President”

  1. Ah, SFWA got you good. The letters of “” are just an anagram for “Worsened Pig Farts.” And for a new startup company in Seattle, “Pig Nerds Software.”

  2. I suggest adding a further note to encourage compliance:

    “After June 30, 2011, any SFWA-related e-mails sent to my personal address will be reposted on this blog, after having each noun replaced by the name of a random farm animal.”

  3. Is there a special email address we should use to submit applications for minion-hood? This reign of terror thing sounds intriguing.

    Just so long as there’s dental.

  4. Shouldn’t virtually all sfwa related emails be from sfwa members? don’t you guys have an internal website or some way to communicate?
    I don’t see why fans of your website or your books would want to bother you with your sfwa stuff.

    Not being a troll. Just wondering.

  5. I want to know what you’re going to DO about the intraorganizational problems in SEWA. I mean, we don’t have…


    …oh. Never mind then!

    (hssssspt! to the haters! We hates them!)

  6. So any questions about the South Florida Windsurfing Association or the San Francisco Wine Association go to the President address, right?

  7. I emailed the only copy I have of my novel/manuscript to you via I’m assuming you got that, right?

    Don’t these computer thingies just figure out where it’s supposed to go anyway?

    Did I mention it was my only copy?

  8. John,

    You may want to update that “contact info” page you so nicely put up under the “About” button.

  9. I wish I were a Johnny Scalzi minion,
    That is all I ever want to be-e-e,
    Cause if I were Johnny Scalzi minion,
    We’d see him ruling SFWA* by decree-e-e.

    And then we’d get to see the SFWA* mutiny,
    The Scalzi orc would fight the horned and winged kitty,
    No matter who would win this fighting jubilee,
    We’d have the ringside seats to history-e-e!**

    *Pronounced “Sef-wuh”
    **And we get bacon too

  10. And where does Nigerian spam go? Is that personal or SFWA? Because wouldn’t SFWA benefit from a 10% fee to move General Mustafa’s money out of the country through its accounts?

  11. Yes Mr. President it won’t happen again :(

    (please note: no actual email was sent from me to you at any time to any email address. this comment is simply just to state you might like to be refered to as Mr. President. Thank you and have a nice day!!)

  12. Dang . . . in #12 above, there’s a missing “a” before “Johnny” in the third line, thereby ruining the beat. (For the uninitiated, it’s sung to the tune of “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner.”)

  13. First order of business, Mr. Scalzi: publish my debut novel, Old Woman’s War. Widow, Joan Berry, enlists in the FDC, and saves the world from aliens.

  14. Does the SFWA constitution specify an order of succession? I mean, if something were to happen to the both you and Madame Vice President — just on an off chance — would there be an orderly change in power, or could we expect some sort of bloody war of succession?

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