Various and Sundry, 7/10/10

Stuff here and there:

* Apropos to an earlier discussion here about when it was ever a fine time to be a full-time science fiction writer, here’s Robert Silverberg to drop a little perspective on who was able to be a full-time science fiction writer when he entered the field some fifty-five years ago. The good news is, things are slightly better today (at least, I can think of more than five science fiction writers doing better than scraping by as full-time novelists).

I noted in the comments to the earlier post that while I am at the moment in the fortunate position of being able to support myself off my science fiction novel writing, I like just about every other freelance writer I know have cultivated several writing revenue streams. Because I think every novelist should expect their career to have its ups and downs, and I’m a big believer in making hay while the sun shines.

* Hey, wanna see something cool? Look at this cover of Diana Rowland’s upcoming book, Secrets of the Demon, by artist Dan Dos Santos. See that creepy-looking demon in the background? You know what its name is? Skalz. THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME. And I’m sure you can see the resemblance. Anyway, Secrets of the Demon will be out in January, and I’m totally going to be there for it. Because I suspect this Skalz character is going to be one bad demon. As if there were other kinds.

* Along this same line, check out the name-check Nick Sagan gave me in the genuinely excellent new comic book series he’s writing, Shrapnel: Hubris. Apparently I was a nice part of town, once. Sigh. I yearn for gentrification, I do. In the meantime, if you’re a fan of science fiction and/or the comic book arts, I have no idea why you have not already picked up this comic.

* And in sports news: I profoundly do not care about the LeBron thing, and in the World Cup final I’m rooting for Spain, because a publisher in Spain has bought the translation rights to several of my books, and no publisher in the Netherlands has ever bought a damn thing from me. That’s right! I root for my economic interests! Go, La Roja!

And there you have it.

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