I Have No Time to Play Today, So Here’s a Picture of a Cat and Some Books

Because, let’s be honest. That’s what you show up for, anyway.

31 Comments on “I Have No Time to Play Today, So Here’s a Picture of a Cat and Some Books”

  1. How thoughtfull of you to include kitty nap platforms when you built the new bookshelves.

  2. I was so torn this morning. Books or Cat… BOOKS or CAT? And here they are, both in the same place! WOW!

  3. Thanks for posting a picture of Zeus. He’s always got that “Hurry up, I’ve got things to do” look. I want to be like him when I grow up.

  4. After just watching the football final this is what I need. One comfy cat and a bunch of books.

  5. Cats and Books, Cats and Books.

    Tum de dum dum dum de dum. Ah!

    Cats and Books.


  6. so true.

    but chang, who is not chang is NOT going to be happy. i’ll be back to see his entry because, you know, that’s what i really wait for when you post pictures. :)

  7. Oh, fooey on chang who is not chang! There are cats other than Ghlaghghee! AND things worth looking at other than…

    …No! Please Mistress, I didn’t mean it…NO!

    *hisses, tearing noises, sounds of bloody gobbets of flesh hitting walls*

  8. I always seem to have both cats and books, rather when I’m reading, I have a cat on my lap. Best of both worlds.

  9. Much as I like looking at books and cats, it’s the closeup of the wood and its finish in your new shelves that has my heart going pit-a-pat.

    Signed: daughter and granddaughter of woodworkers

  10. Jeff S. comes in the living room and looks around and says “That’s strange, the cat is here but where’s Xopher? And why are his books strewn across the floor?” He heads on in through the Kitchen door. “What! NOOOOO”

  11. O Great Scalzi, how wonderful it is to see even an imperfect picture of TempCat Zeus.

    The Executive Committee offers the following helpful critique:

    1. Magnificent She is nowhere to be seen. We may need to check our records, but we are pretty confident we issued very clear orders that you were to post a picture of Her next.

    2. TempCat Zeus, while centered in the frame, is too small. We suggest either moving closer to Him or using the camera’s zoom feature.

    3. Lighting is poor.

    4. Focus is iffy.

    See what happens when you shirk your imaging duties? Your quality (such as it is) goes to hell.

    Let this be a lesson to you.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  12. What is the book second to the right of the cat? I can’t quite make out the title ” Book Living Dead”.

  13. im in ur library, holding up ur books?

    ShelfCat is watching you ‘crastinate?

    I got nothin’.

    (not suggesting you are procrastinating–it just had to sound like the other thing from that other joke).

  14. The ONLY reason to have a corner bookshelf is if you have a cat (or three).

  15. Good to know you’re a cat man, John. Also good to know that, like every other American, when you have nothing to post you post “adorable” pics of your fur friends.

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