Where I Have Been, Revealed

I was in Boston. So if you were one of the ones who guessed Boston in the previous entry, pat yourselves on the back. Those of you who guessed Washington DC, well, I did have connecting flights through Dulles. So don’t feel too bad about that. And for those who were guessing what the pictures were of in the last entry, they were indeed of the USS Constitution, the Bunker Hill Memorial, and one of the stained glass windows at Harvard University’s Memorial Hall.

As to why I was there: My wife and I recently had our fifteenth wedding anniversary, and this was our slightly delayed anniversary trip. It was slightly delayed because this last week was also the week our daughter was away at camp, so we decided it made more sense to do it now, than then. As to why Boston in particular: Well, why not? It’s a fine American city, and Krissy had never been, and while I have been, every time I was there I was there for a reason — usually a convention of some sort — and didn’t actually spend any time at all seeing the city. And you know, Boston is where we conveniently stack up a lot of our historical stuff in a relatively small area, so it’s a great town to be touristy in, so we were for four days, and had a wonderful time.

I already hear some of you saying, well, why didn’t you come to Readercon, which was just few days earlier? Or, why didn’t you set up a reading or a signing? Or, why didn’t you let folks know you were coming to Boston? And the answer to this is, please see the above notation about it being an anniversary trip for me and my wife. Which is to say that it was time for the two of us to enjoy being a couple, rather than me doing something work-related. Nearly all my travel these days is work-related, and while most times that’s fun and cool, the fact is that it’s even nicer just to be about to spend a week with my wife and not have anything to do except what we want to do, and to go to the places we want to go.

And where did we go? Well, we hit most of the spots on the Freedom Trail, ogled the penguins at the aquarium, took one of those harbor tours, had nice dinners at the Union Oyster House and Giocomo’s in the north end, and dessert at Modern Bakery and the Parker House (where apparently the Boston Cream Pie was invented), wandered about the Boston Common and Faneuil Hall, took the tour at the Samuel Adams brewery, hiked up to Harvard and bought goofy stuff at Newberry Comics and watched the Red Sox get shellacked (alas) by the Texas Rangers at Fenway Park. Basically, your total tourist package.

In short, Boston’s awesome, and we would not hesitate to recommend it for folks looking to go tourist for several days. And don’t worry, Bostonians: I’m almost certainly going to be back in your neck of the woods reasonably soon, in official geek capacity.


Where Have I Been

You might have noticed that I’ve not been very much here in the last week. Well, that’s because I’ve been somewhere else. And to give you a clue of where I’ve been since Monday, here are three pictures:

From these pictures, can you tell me where I’ve been (and for extra credit, what specifically these are pictures of)?

The answers, and a fuller exploration of my travels, later today.

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