Kodi Addendum

A couple of quick notes:

First, and of course, many thanks to everyone who passed along their condolences, prayers and good thoughts to us. It’s been a sad couple of days around the Scalzi Compound, and your notes and memories of your own good dogs and other pets have been helpful to read. I’m also delighted that the comment thread for yesterday’s entry reached 300+ comments before someone tried to be an ass on it (the entry was linked to by FARK, which I love, but which is known to harbor the occasional troll). That might be a record. And yes, I deleted that comment, and will any other trollish comments on that particular comment thread. People who troll other people sad about their dog are the very definition of “jackass,” and don’t rate the privilege of comment here.

Second, folks in e-mail and over at Twitter have asked if we plan to get another dog at some point. The short answer is “yes,” but the slightly longer answer is “yes, but we’re not in a rush.” I suspect most of you can figure out why that might be. Fortunately at the moment we have three other pets who will keep us busy enough. And before you ask, yes, I think the cats have figured out Kodi is gone and that we are sad; two out the three have been extra affectionate the last couple of days. The third, Lopsided Cat, is likely to show his concern for us by dragging down a deer and leaving it for us at the garage door. That’s the kind of cat he is.

Third, for those of you who want a last look at our good dog, I’ve collected some of my favorite photos of the pup for you, underneath the cut. Click through to take a look (and apologies to those of you on the RSS feed who are about to be suddenly inundated with Kodi pictures).

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