Daily Archives: July 19, 2010

From the “Disgusting Yet Fascinating” Drawer

Apparently, Japanese beetles love the smell of citronella candles. They love it so much that they’ll come and land on the candles just to be close to the smell. Whereupon the candle, made all squooshy by the 90+ degree temperatures we’ve been having, sucks them into the wax. Where they die, all citronella-fied. And then […]

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Wireless Giveaway: Act Quickly! (UPDATE: All Gone!)

Update: 12:03pm: All the copies are claimed! Told you that you had to be quick. Look! Subterranean Press publisher Bill Schafer is back with another book to give away! Let’s all lean in close and hear what he has to say: Here’s another giveaway we’re sponsoring—this time for Charles Stross’s beyond excellent short story collection, […]

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