No, not ours. It’s our neighbor’s puppy, come for a visit. Which made Krissy happy.

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  1. Get a golden retreiver. We love our golden Marx. He is our second golden and my third. When we lose a dog we are inconsoleable for a time. Then as time passes we bring a new dog into our home. Sorry for your loss.

  2. Aww.

    I brought a puppy home on Saturday; for some reason I’m really tired today.

    I, too, lost a long time canine companion recently. Not having had a pup for awhile, I’d forgotten how much work, time and sanity one forgoes when they take home a new dog.

    But it is all worth it. It is worth it and then some. I don’t see how anyone could go without a dog.

    And boy is Sookie (my new pup) cute! She’s so cute she can pee on my floor and my first thought is NOT, “Don’t pee on my floor!” it is, “Aww, look how cute she is when she pees!”

  3. Please tell Krissy that I am so sorry for her loss. She looks so sad in that photo (to me).

  4. I’d always thought that Athena looked like you, John, but I see a strong resemblance in that picture.

    Hope Krissy got a good puppy fix.

  5. Yes. To retreat to familiar internet-isms, that photo is made of win.

    I can only hope that “guest puppies” continues to be a success at the Scalzi household.

    Many more good thoughts from our family to yours.

  6. Yay for puppy therapy. Puppies are great for raising your spirits. Although I’m sure this experience was bitter-sweet. When I’m having a rough time is when I miss having a dog the most.

    Cat’s are wonderful, but they just don’t have the same joie de vivre and wiggly butt that makes puppy time so special.

  7. I’ve looked at this photo a dozen times in the last couple of days. It is truly one of the best you’ve shown us. Now, put down the keyboard and go give her another hug, please, and when your daughter shows up, give her one, too. Great giant Marine hugs. Just like the one I’m giving you.

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