Wireless Giveaway: Act Quickly! (UPDATE: All Gone!)

Update: 12:03pm: All the copies are claimed! Told you that you had to be quick.

Look! Subterranean Press publisher Bill Schafer is back with another book to give away! Let’s all lean in close and hear what he has to say:

Here’s another giveaway we’re sponsoring—this time for Charles Stross’s beyond excellent short story collection, Wireless. We think it, along with Alastair Reynolds’s Zima Blue, are probably the two strongest sf collections of the past five years or so.

The rules? Simple as always.

— You must be a US resident to enter.

— Send an email to subpress@gmail.com with the word “Wireless” in the subject line, and your name and address as the only text in the body of the email. (If your company automatically adds text to outgoing emails, don’t worry; it won’t disqualify you.)

— If you win a copy of Wireless, you agree to read it within three weeks of receipt and post a review on Amazon.com.

— We will not be sending emails to winners or losers. The only notification you’ll get is if you find a copy of the book in your mail in a week or so.

Now, for the downside. For the past few titles we’ve given away, we haven’t noticed an uptick in Amazon reviews. If the lack of participation by winners of the free books continues, we’ll discontinue sharing books we love with readers in this way. Capiche?

You heard the man: Get a free book, leave a review on Amazon. It’s a fair trade, is it not? Now, send in your e-mails. Last time it took about four minutes for all the books to get given out, so you need to be quick. Quick! Like a bunny!

19 Comments on “Wireless Giveaway: Act Quickly! (UPDATE: All Gone!)”

  1. That’s it…I’m writing a script that loads Whatever once every five minutes and scans for “Giveaway”.

  2. I might need to stop doing this whole RSS thingy with the Whatever. It’s just demoralizing to keep getting posts about free books I totally missed out on! :)

  3. To Bill Schafer–

    I volunteer to receive ARCs from SubPress and to promptly post honest reviews on Amazon. All in the interests of public service, of course.

    Just think of it, Bill. No more messy contests. No more gajillions of emails to sort through, taking you away from your all-important publisher-type duties. No more worries about whether you will see an uptick in Amazon reviews, or if you’re simply wasting your time (and publicity copies).

    Just a quiet assurance that at least one reader will get the job done for you. (And of course there may be others who want to volunteer as well. But remember — I VOLUNTEERED FIRST.)

    Plus, I won’t miss all these contests because I’m at work when you run ’em. Which is admittedly the biggest benefit of all.

    Whaddaya say, Bill? I’ll be glad to follow-up with an email if you’re interested.

  4. I’ve recently picked up a copy a few weeks ago from my local Borders (of all places – it was in the “bargain bin”) – I’ll post a review – so far I’ve only read the Hugo nominated short story “Palimpset” – which is fun in a mind-twisty sort of way

    Bill- are you planning on releasing a Limited edition of this book?

  5. I have not had a chance to read Charlie Stross’s books yet, but I do like his blog. I heard about him when I stumbled on an interview Nobel Prize winning Economist Paul Krugman did with him. I have liked Krugmans articles in the NY Times and blog for a while now. That being said, I am not a liberal and do not agree with Krugman on alot of things, but I appreciate how he breaks down arguments so I can understand where he is coming from.

    If Krugman likes his books they are probably worth checking out.

  6. Oh for the love of…………

    I can’t even go on vacation without missing one of these posts.

    Ooooo, but wait, shiney new camera to play with for vacation, hopefully it will make me forget all about this post.

  7. I already had the book. Good read, although most of the individual stories are terribly pessimistic.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this – I emailed (apparently fast enough!) and just got a copy in the mail! Yay! Started reading it last night so I can post a review up soon :)

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