Sunset, 7/20/10

Here’s my secret: My office has a west-facing window, which makes it easy to see whether I need to grab my camera on any particular evening. Tonight: Yes, camera.

11 Comments on “Sunset, 7/20/10”

  1. Lovely!
    I see a sunset like that (in Austin) with camera in-hand, I am lamenting the lack of Power-line filter.

  2. If you take a piece of paper or your hand and cover up the silhouette of the trees so only the sky is showing, the curve of the orange clouds looks like a distant horizon across the ocean, with the smaller clouds like islands in the mist.

    Love it when pictures get posted here on Whatever.

  3. I must say the views from your house are wonderful. Its nice to have something that gives you a small dose of joy in both unexpected and expected moments.

  4. so the persident of sfwa has his own west wing. you should get a rug with the sfwa seal on it to put on the floor of your office.

  5. We’ve had a run of very impressive sunsets here in NJ as well. Must have been some volcanoes erupting in Iowa or something.

  6. I love my big California hills, and I love a sunset over the San Francisco Bay, but those take far more planning to see. There’s nothing quite like a big midwest sunset, though. Lovely.

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