And Now, Some Complete Randomness

Because that’s what the Internet is for, and because it’s that kind of day.

16 Comments on “And Now, Some Complete Randomness”

  1. Examples of the ablative absolute:
    §Being unable to distinguish pitches, the creators of this video mistook the dog’s sounds for singing the characteristic interval of the “Batman” theme.
    §Not being tonedeaf, I found this excruciating.
    §Not being a humorless wretch, I laughed my ass off anyway.
    §Having laughed my ass off, I am now in the market for a new ass.

  2. I am always amazed at the lengths people will go to to make life fun. Kudos. Weird, but kudos just the same.

    It would have been better if a slab of bacon was taped to the pug. Just my .02

  3. At least this isn’t as out there weird as the cows in the whateverettes. Morphing cows are scaaary.

  4. Thank you interwebs!

    That was truely a culturally uplifting moment, and thank you Mr. Scalzi, for bringing it to us!


  5. Hmmm,
    Not on Facebook so not going to be Facebook stalked. Problem solved.
    I’m sorry, but social media like Facebook seems like a colossal time waster to me. I do get the humor in the video though.

  6. That was waaayyy funnier than I expected it to be! I used to have a cat that said, “mama” every time he got PO’d. Poor kitty. That meant we tried to make him say, “mama” all the time. Well, hey, I was just a kid.

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