Also, Holy Crap, Harvey Pekar’s Dead

And has been so for ten days. How the hell did I miss that one?

Oh, right, I was traveling and not actually following the news for several days. Still, very sad.

Here’s how I found out he was gone.

5 Comments on “Also, Holy Crap, Harvey Pekar’s Dead”

  1. I saw it on Rushkoff’s blog, that first morning. A terrible bummer.

    Selfishly: I’m glad Pekar was working with so many people. It means we will continue to see, for a while, more grumpy everyday observational goodness appearing as these projects are completed.

  2. Wow, I didn’t see that either, and I’m on the Internet quite a bit. Must be looking at the wrong sites.

  3. I only found out about this when No Reservations stuck an “In memory…” note at the end of the Cleveland episode which featured Pekar on Monday night, which was cool of the Travel Channel to rerun. (Thanks for the link to Bourdain’s blog, DGrace, I hadn’t thought to look there.)

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