Droid X First Impressions

With the exception of having to tap twice to make a comma, I’m liking my Droid X so far. Bear in mind that I’m coming from a BlackBerry Storm, on which nearly app and function was like a wart-bearing, arthritic version of the same app or function on the iPhone or Android phones, so in terms of phone experiences there wasn’t much place else to go but up. And indeed that’s where we are: Everything is much prettier and shinier and runs better and what have you. Color me happy. Reviews have noted some clunkiness here and there, but once I decluttered the home screens and started personalizing the thing, everything was groovy. I’m liking it.

I will say that one thing I don’t get is that every review of the Droid X had a comment somthing along the lines of “ZOMG IT IS SO HUGE YOU COULD STUN A BEAR WITH IT,” and noting how people will small hands will struggle with the thing. Well, you know. I don’t exactly have massive lumberjack hands, and I’m not having the slightest bit of trouble using the thing, one-handedly speaking. It does make me wonder if technology reviewers, as a class, have the hands of leprechauns.Yes, I know what you’ll say to that: those poor handless leprechauns. Hey. That’s not funny.

Anyway. I’ll probably have more to say about the Droid X as I work with it but for now: So far, so good.

As Required By the Internets

The first picture from my new cell phone is of my cat.

Ghlaghghee does not appear notably impressed with the new technology. I’m still fiddling with it myself. But so far: Pretty cool.


My Droid X just arrived.

I may be occupied for some time.

What Hollywood Doesn’t Want to Hear Right About Now

Overheard at a Saturday afternoon showing of Despicable Me in 3D:

Woman (sighing): I really wish the theater was showing this in 2D.

Man: We all do.

Honeymoon’s over, filmmakers.