As Required By the Internets

The first picture from my new cell phone is of my cat.

Ghlaghghee does not appear notably impressed with the new technology. I’m still fiddling with it myself. But so far: Pretty cool.

22 Comments on “As Required By the Internets”

  1. Scalzi, Retake that pic with the “solarize” effect. Its sooooo fun.
    I think it made the whole DroidX learning curve worthwhile.

  2. I think that’s the first picture of Ghlaghghee I’ve seen where Ghlaghghee wasn’t laying down.

  3. O Great Scalzi, how wonderful to see an image of Magnificent She. How nice to actually see Her instead of some blasphemous Photoshopped version.

    The Executive Committee congratulates you on well-centering the Beauteous Ghlaghghee – however:

    1. Picture composition is atrocious. At least there aren’t any of the usual irrelevant knick-knacks.

    2. Lighting is barely acceptable.

    3. Focus is adequate.

    4. Framing is close but no cigar. Her Left Front Paw and Tail are cropped. wtf.

    Somehow we don’t think it’s the Droid X…

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – Once again you fail in interpreting Her Expression. It is not the technology She is unimpressed by.

  4. As with many celebrities, Ghlaghghee is clearly disdainful of the paparazzi. You will no doubt hear from shortly from an attorney…as I’m sure you did not get a signed release before publishing this photo.

  5. Don’t you just love the site of a well-mannered cat wiping its arse on a nice wallpapered wall?

  6. Maybe Ghlaghghee is still ticked off about the trip to the vet.


  7. The Executive Committee, via Chang (who isn’t that Chang), didn’t even remark upon Scalzi calling Her “my cat” in the post title.
    They just don’t make Executive Committees like they used to …

  8. “The first picture from my new cell phone is of my cat.”

    As is altogether fitting and proper.

  9. Once you said it I had to go back to check and yes, the first picture on my phone is of one of my cats (along with about 1/2 the pics total)

    must be a rule of phones and cats

  10. Is it so wrong that I missed the “it” in the second to last sentence and had to do a double take?

    That was quite the WTF moment right there.

  11. Heh. You’re not fooling me. If it’s “as required by the Internet,” WHERE’S THE BACON?

  12. Oh. Oh. Oh my god. I have just realized what that picture REALLY shows.

    Ghlaghghee isn’t “just turning about”.

    She isn’t spraying the wall, or wiping her butt on it.

    She’s plugged into the wall socket for RECHARGING!

    Ghlaghghee is an android cat!

    How else could it have been possible to tape bacon to a cat and take the picture before she had ripped it loose and wolfed it down? I mean, bacon? Cats? Gone in point zero zero zero zero six microseconds.

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