Here, Have a Stargate: Universe Season Two Trailer

I see from the trailer that we’re not telling people yet about the Ewok crossover episode.

Oh. Damn.


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  1. Nothing wrong with Ewoks. Dem’s good eatin’. Nothing like some BBQ Ewok on a nice summer day. They go well with curly fries.

  2. What I want to know is what is “Dr.” Nicholas Rush’s “specialty”, what he has his PhD in. My guess, as the scenes of him in class and his work on the ship, is Computer Science; though I hope it is more Mathematics and Computer Science as that is my new specialty (over from BioChemistry). But, I have to admit he shows signs of being a physicist also (completely separate field).

    Yes, John, it is something that bothers me. Being a scientist I hate the “wunderkind” character as few scientists are that; and fewer are still able to be wunderkind as they approach middle age.

    What was Rush’s thesis work in?

  3. haha… the first thing I thought when i saw the still frame in the video was…. “Son of a… is that LEIA??”

  4. I’m catching up with the show and liking it with the glaring error of everyone calling Greer, “Sergeant.”

    According to his rank, he is a Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps. They are very prickly about their ranks. To call him Sergeant is to reduce his rank and thus insulting. He should either be referred to as Master Sergeant or Top.

  5. BTW, when do we get the “Stargate: Universe Christmas Special” and will you be dressed in your Mandalorian Armor in it?

  6. Will Rush finally kill everyone off? He’s so much less annoying when there’s no one around

  7. Like Rafael above me at #7, I am very strongly in the camp of people who believe that Furlings are behind this all.

    Seriously, nothing is EVER said about them, and I think Destiny can change this.

  8. Except that the trailer spoils that last cliffhanger episode (let’s face it we knew that certain key characters wouldn’t die) I can’t wait for the next season.

  9. Ewok crossover episode

    Of course, that’s just a cover.

    They’re really doing a Gungan crossover episode…

  10. Scorpius @2,

    IT Support became a massively more complicated course when Ancient and other alien devices were discovered. It may look like hard physics/complex maths but actually it is mainly how to bodge keyboard drivers.

    “Yes, Madam. Your planet protecting device of the gods has stopped working? Have you tried switching it off and then on again? Oh dear, has it got stone buttons or glowing buttons?”

  11. That’s the SGU Christmas Special featuring the Ewoks and Justin Bieber.

    Bea Arthur couldn’t make it, sorry.

  12. Looks like Rush goes back to being a bad guy again. But I’ll wait and see. And David Blue is continuing to shape up, which is good to see.

    As for crossover eps, I’m thinking Dollhouse or Burn Notice. Or, just thought of this, how about In Plain Sight? THAT would be the ultimate witness protection!

    Actually I’d be surprised if, in the Stargate universe, WitSec isn’t already using the Stargate to protect its charges. “We have a new life for you. Do you prefer a medieval Norse planet, or an early-40s tech one?”

  13. John, your timing for posting this is incredible. I just finished watching season 1 last night. Great show. I don’t know how I’ll handle being on the edge of my seat until September. That finale’s ending was just mean. (But it guaranteed that I’ll be back for season 2.)

  14. @SPKellyon – Are we sure he’s a Marine? In the Army, we called Master Sergeants “Sergeant” generally. The only NCO ranks in the Army that got special names were First Sergeant and Sergeant Major. Of course, if he’s a Marine, yeah…they are particular about their ranks. For the first part of the season, I thought he was in the USAF. That’s definitely one of the things which SGU has been flaky on, as with most television shows – military structure. They aren’t all the same, ya know! :-)

  15. I was under the impression (maybe mistaken) from SG-1 that the program was basically run by the Air Force, with the Army loaning the “ground support” troops – and that would account for about 90-95% of the staff between those two branches.

    In any case – I’m excited that it even got a second season.

  16. I think Stargate Command started as USAF, but given the peculiar nature of “once we recruit you for this, you’re never doing anything but this” that almost certainly has to be part of such a large and marginally secret organization I imagine that whatever everyone is on paper they’re essentially just working for SGC. In other words, I bet it’s a mess on paper and “just works” in practice.

    As for what Rush’s “specialty” is, I don’t have an issue with the notion of “SGC turns generalists out of specialists.” They either recruit smart people who are naturally well-rounded as a matter of course, or the organizational culture of SGC somehow just makes it happen. Maybe they’re just really good at instilling a sense of urgency in self-starting. Maybe they have awesome instructional videos – they don’t seem to have an endless pace of training seminars at least. “Stop, Drop, and Roll: Dodging When Your Life Depends on It” and “Your Mess Kit: How to hack Ancient tech with a fork and lighter.”

  17. I can’t wait! With Telford on board to counter Young (who irks me quite often), and Rush (who I like a lot) learning the secrets of the ship, I think the direction of plot lines will be even more interesting. Chloe turning into … something alien … will finally make her more than just the cute girl, although her deceptiveness in ‘Divided’ was a good springboard, I thought. And it seems Eli is still getting some of the best lines, so color me happy!

  18. Of course, the great thing about “SG: Universe” is it finally explains where that Trillion-plus dollars in “Stimulus” money went.

  19. @Scorpius:

    I thought the trillion-plus dollars in Stimulus money was that monster in Lost.

    You know, the one made up of smoke?

    Everyone else: great trailer. :-) Tantalizing bits and pieces, just like it should be. But where are some more alien aliens?

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