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No, Ghlaghghee will not be a guest blogger while I am on hiatus over the next several weeks. I realize that breaks the heart of some of you. You’ll just have to live with disappointment. For everyone else, I am pleased to introduce to you the folks you’ll be spending the next few weeks with here at Whatever. Your guest bloggers, in alphabetical order:

John Anderson: John Anderson is a friend of mine from my AOL days — that would be the mid-90s, when AOL occupied the same mindspace Google does now (and Google folks hate when you make that comparison) — and more recently was one of the founders of Comics Alliance. I also get a more or less monthly e-mail from him telling what stuff I should be listening to right now, and he’s usually right.

Mykal Burns: Another friend from way back, although in this case way back is waaaaaaay back, since I’ve known Mykal since I was in the sixth grade. Yes! I know! No one was even alive back then. What can I say. Mykal writes now and then for, and when he’s not busy with other things, he’s a roller derby referee.

N.K. Jemisin: You may recall Nora from her recent Big Idea piece on her massively critically acclaimed debut novel The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, or you may know her because you’ve been reading through this year’s Hugo and Nebula nominees, and her short story “Non-Zero Probabilities” was on both shortlists. Or you may read her own blog.

Mary Robinette Kowal: Oh, you all know Mary by now, right? Campbell winner? Hugo nominee? Current SFWA Vice President? Author of the fabulous debut novel Shades of Milk and Honey, which officially comes out next Tuesday? My partner in crime for “John and Mary Show You Their Shorts“? Yeah, you all know Mary.

And overseeing it all will be the site manager Kate Baker, who some of you may know as an accomplished audio reader (for example, here’s her reading the Parsec Award-nominated “The Things,” written by Peter Watts), among the many other things she does.

THEY ARE ALL AWESOME. Really, I ran tests, and that’s what the tests came back saying. They all officially start on August 1 and continue through September 12.

What will they post? Whatever they feel like, just like I do. When will they post? Whenever they feel like, just like I do. So basically the place will run just like it normally does, just without me for six weeks. I hope they all have fun with it, and I hope you all have fun with them as well.

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  1. You could be a manager (a real manager, not a doofus with a MBA). That’s a good job of selecting the right people and delegating.

  2. I love that you are good at figuring out just the right mix of people that will keep me interested in reading what’s going on at Whatever.
    Have a relaxed and productive hiatus.

  3. Only 4 people needed to replace you?

    What has happened to your ego? Slain by the Uni-Kitten by chance?

  4. You’re only off for about 6 weeks and yet you’ll also be in Oz for Worldcon? No way. Worldcon is way off in September… towards the end of the year…
    *Looks at calendar*
    Holy crap. I have to organise my flight to Melbourne.

  5. Holy crap…. I’m pretty excited! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love reading your ramblings and rants, but having a bunch of other cool people do it on this same bat channel will be fun. So, packed your internet bags yet?

  6. Four guest bloggers, plus John, makes five.

    There are five characters that join together to form Voltron.


    Has anyone seen Scalzi and Voltron in the same room?

    I haven’t…

  7. Hi guest bloggers!

    Also, for the record, you are taking the same vacation as Congress–August 1st through September 12th. So it’s a good thing you’ve got good guest-bloggers–what would all the members read while they’re off otherwise?

  8. I notice you have your copy of “Intriguer” prominently displayed. Are you enjoying it?

    Have a great break.

  9. i ran this picture through some of that fancy image-enhancement software (as seen on CSI). It turns out that not only was Scalzi the murderer, but he used bacon as a weapon.

  10. Or, maybe CSI software is just naturally inclined towards “enhancing” a generic picture into incriminating images?


  11. O Great Scalzi, how wonderful it is to see even such a poor picture of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection.

    There are of course so many things wrong with the image the Executive Committee isn’t even going to bother, particularly since we are in a forgiving mood since you will be gone for so long.

    However, we would like to point out you did not even ask the Executive Committee to manage the Whatever in your absence.

    Here is our site management proposal:

    1. Make your hiatus permanent.

    2. The Executive Committee will delete all irrelevant (and what you laughably call) content.

    3. A continually refreshing series of extremely high resolution images of Magnificent She will be displayed.

    4. No comments or feedback from the low-brows of the Whatever will be accepted.

    It is not too late to fire your replacements and appoint the Executive Committee. We will even throw in a Final Seal of Approval Award for you.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  12. Have a post suggestion for the author guests if it’s not too presumptuous…just read an post about the trailer for Tim Kring’s new book and was wondering what the the consensus was on book trailers in general…anyhow, looking forward to reading what’s ahead, good luck!

  13. Wait, wait, wait…

    Are these four “people” actually Tyler Durdens? Or is Scalzi one of the Tyler Durdens?

    Either way, it indicates an extremely un-well individual.

    I hope you feel better soon, John.

  14. I hope you’ve got the guest bloggers all stocked up with cat photos to parcel out over the six weeks. Or will they be sharing photos of their own cats?

  15. @20 Karl: Funny you should mention book trailers…

    @24 Denise: While I won’t claim to have a cat of Ghlaghghee’s radiance, I do have two cats who are good at posing. I’ll do my best to keep you in cat photos for the duration.

  16. Cats? I was kinda looking forward to koala pictures.* And if he takes sunrise pictures from Oz, he has our sunsets covered!

    Scalzi, I’d also like to request a video of your hotel toilet bowl swirling in the wrong direction.


    * Wallabies would be fine, too. As would salt water crocodiles.

  17. ,i>No, Ghlaghghee will not be a guest blogger while I am on hiatus over the next several weeks.

    That’s what YOU think. We know better.

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