N.K. Jemisin


Hi folks. I noticed that the traffic at my blog has gone boom in the past couple of days, so I guess it’s time for me to introduce myself — though as John points out, this isn’t my first appearance in these here parts. I’m also known to make the occasional comment in various threads, though since I’m usually busy writing books and stuff, I try to limit my online time. Fortunately, John’s call for guest bloggers caught me in the sweet spot of time management — just after I’ve finished book 3 of the Inheritance Trilogy (The Kingdom of Gods, if you’re wondering), and just before I start my next big project. It’s not perfect timing, unfortunately; I’m about to move to a new apartment, resume work after having the summer off, and some other stuff — but what the hey.

About my blogging style: I talk a lot about writing, but also about feminism, race, art, and politics. Since I’m excited about Jaenelle Monae, dragons, and Inception at the moment (in no particular order), I might be talking about about those things to start off. I don’t mind controversy, and have minimal patience for knuckleheads — so it’s fortunate that someone else will be wielding the Mallet of Loving Correction, because I would probably be heavier-handed with it than you guys are used to! I live in Brooklyn, and might occasionally post sunsets and landscapes and the like — since, hey, we have pretty stuff to look at in the big city, too. While I do have a cat, the venerable dame NukuNuku*, I’m not going to be posting any pictures of her. I’ve seen how you guys are about John’s cats, and I don’t want any pervy cat-fanciers eyeballing my girl. You hear me? So don’t even ask, or I’ll post photos of local NYC wildlife instead.

So, nice to meet you!

* Oh, and I’m a longtime anime/manga fan, if you couldn’t tell.

Mary Robinette Kowal

To comfort you in your time of need…

I know you are traumatized because Scalzi is away, so here, have a kitty.

That’s Harriet, by the way, one of our two wee beasties.

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