To comfort you in your time of need…

I know you are traumatized because Scalzi is away, so here, have a kitty.

That’s Harriet, by the way, one of our two wee beasties.

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  1. Looks like my cats. Almost the same look on the face too. I often wonder if the brown tabby has a larger range of facial expression than other cats.

    Or maybe its just mine.
    Its nice to meet Harriet.

  2. Welcome! John has said over and over what a good friend you are, and we know you’re a good writer, so I for one welcome our new guest-blogger overlords am looking forward to your guest blogging!

  3. Win! I love the idea of lolcats filling up Whatever while our evil blogger overlord is off picking his nose (or whatever) Scalzi takes some much-deserved personal time.

  4. Welcome! This is almost the view I had this morning when I opened my bleary eyes and found my cat on my pillow… almost. Sadly for me, my cat was facing the other direction.

    A view of the third eye is never a good thing upon awakening. Coffee might help me regain my equilibrium.

  5. I love cats. We used to have two. Unfortunately, my wife found out that she’s allergic to cat hair, so after they passed on, we had to make do with dogs. I deal, most of the time :)

  6. Harriet is just the right sort of cat for this blog – trying to look all haughty and imperious while she plays in a comforter. Thank you very much for being here with your kitty and your blogging.

  7. When I get here I always feel like I’ve joined a circle of people, sitting on folding chairs, talking among themselves, killing time before a 12-step meeting starts.

  8. I am subscribed to both ICanHazCheezburger and The Whatever on LJ, so I scrolled past this post without realizing at all that it came from here and not ICHC.

  9. Very glad to see MRK saying hello; looking forward to some blog posts about ReConStruction, Shades of Milk and Honey book launches, etc. Or, you know, retrospectives on the deeper themes and hidden messages of LazyTown. (Did you know that if you run the shows backwards, …)

  10. At least one guest blogger has her priorities straight!!! After N. K. Jemisin’s cold-hearted refusal to post photos of NukuNuku, I was about to delete Whatever from kejia’s RSS feed. Kejia is well-trained, and we five cats in her house intend to keep her that way.


  11. Not having cats right now, I dreamt of past cats this morning. They invaded my dreams and now I miss them once again.

    Is it time to settle down in a home that will allow me to have familiars that purr & tease and cuddle & steal the warmth from the covers?

  12. Yep, I imagine most cat lovers are familiar with that third eye view. Somehow, peering into it with the intention accessing the inner realms and states of higher consciousness just seems like a less than desirable act, no matter how much I might yearn to be a more enlightened person. My chakras will just have to wither away.

  13. indeed, indeed,… the cat’s third eye and all.

    personally, my recent problem comes from the other end. my cat all outside and eating grass… yeah, he gives it back.

    indeed though, in your time of need, please tell me i hear a ryan adams call out there?


  14. @23 Ellid, “What a pretty girl!”

    Yes, and the cat’s pretty darn cute as well. ;->

  15. Harriet is the recently adopted of your two cats, right? I seem to remember a bit of medical needs taken care of just after her arrival or was that your other kitty with the string thing? (Marlowe?)

    So now, because I can’t remember it straight, I’m worried about senile decay, Alzeimer’s or if it’s just a bad memory day.

    It’s nice to hear from you here as well as your own blog, Mary. Have fun with it and don’t worry, We’re like it says in the Hitchikers Guide, “Mostly Harmless” 8D

  16. @25 #Jeff S. You are correct. Good memory. We adopted Harriet, age 6, from the Humane Society. She tempted Marlowe with string and necessitated a trip to the hospital for him.