My Dice, Let Me Show You Them

Let me show you my dice.

As you can see, by this really cool photograph that I took while playing the Star Wars RPG, mine are a fuchsia, glittery color. Hey, I left you enough hints despite it being a black and white photo!

Every month or so, a few friends and I get on a webcam and Ventrilo and attempt to role play in the Lucas universe. (Man, that totally didn’t sound as geeky in my head as it did when I typed it out.)

I know from hanging around here at the Whatever that a lot of the readers are gamers. So I have to ask, what color are your dice and more importantly, what do you play with them?

Btw – Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a geek.

P.S. See that natural 20? That’s all I roll.

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  1. Mine are a lovely purpley fuschia with gold numbering. I rock a deva cleric in D&D with them, although the only d20 I use is not from that set, it’s a robin’s egg mottled blue one that rolls much better.

  2. I have bags and bags of dice, and my favorites are a sort of velvety dark green. (They’re also very difficult to read, which is something of a flaw, but, hey! Pretty!) Alas, most of my gaming these days is online, which means no excuse to roll the shinies: the MUSH or IRC channel uses its clever random number generator to tell me the results.

  3. That natural 20 appears to be an 18.

    My dice are all opaque, I use them to play Savage Worlds, and I have three different color sets: black/red, black/green and yellow/green.

  4. I have dice of many colors that I keep in a copper-colored Starbucks coffee tin.

    Most of what I play is a mix of D&D (3.5) and the Pathfinder RPG. Fourth Edition doesn’t work for me.

  5. …color? Singular? As in, one set?

    I’ve got about 5 sets in my primary-use bag (green/yellow, purple/gold, dark silver-grey/white, green/white, grey/white).

    I currently need that many because I’m DMing 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons with my kids. And, let’s face it, there’s nothing like sheer weight of dice to impress the kids with.

  6. My main dice are brown/red, with gold numbers- the numbering is very bright, and easy to read. Then, I have a bunch of 6 siders that are tiny, blue, and good for rolling fireball/meteor swarm. I’m still playing D&D ver. 3.5, about every Friday night or so.

  7. Kate, I have dice of just about every color. I just randomly pick which ones I’m going to use for each session. We play D&D (4th ed,) Shadowrun, Deadlands, L5R, and have a list of other systems that we’re supposed to try soon.

  8. #4 Dave Robinson- I didn’t get into 4th ed either, for some reason. Stodgy, I suppose.

  9. Orange with white spots. White numbers. Why? They just roll the best of all my numerous dice…

    Also, I just happen to be wearing my “How We Roll” shirt designed by Wil Wheaton. Coincidence? The universe works in mysterious ways…

  10. I have a brick of dark blue dice with white pips. I think they have pale blue speckles, but I’m not certain. They’re all six-sided because my system of choice is GURPS. My players all use them, too, rather than bringing their own. We play every other Thursday evening. I guess none of us is very religious about dice.

  11. I’ve had tons of dice over the last 30 years, all of them still scattered in nooks and crannies of the house…just in case.

    My favorites are the two orange 10-siders with green numbering. Used them for many, many years playing Rolemaster. Currently I’m forced to roll those same colored dice digitally (or is that pixelated?) in a D&D campaign being run via Fantasy Grounds every month or so.

    Its sad to lose the tactile feel of two pieces of random luck rolling around in your hand, but being able to stay connected to old friends via a roleplaying game is priceless. Go Geekdom!

  12. I don’t play but reading this has developed in me a desire to play just so I can collect cool dice. I had not idea there were so many options. I googled it. And wow. In love.
    I can’t see me as a gamer though. It seems like it involves some kind of commitment.

  13. So I guess I would be a poser if I just started randomly collecting dice, wouldn’t I? I mean you all would shun me and stuff?

  14. @ #4, #7

    4th ed didn’t appeal to my group simply because we already have all the 3.5 books. It just wasn’t worth rebuying everything and trying to port all our long time characters. Some games have been going on for well over a decade.

    I’m such a dice freak, it’s not even funny. I have a set for every major character I have played (major meaning games that have lasted more than a handfull of sessions) and have a color that represents the essence of my characters.

    For example, I have a silver molted set of dice for my elven Dragon stalker, a dark red swirly set for my Sith warrior, a purple and gold set for my noble in Warhammer….

    And just don’t get me started about the box-o-6-siders that has survived the end of ye ol’ star-wars games from yonder. “Lets see you deflect my 42D6 saber attack!”

    Yeah, I have 15 years of gaming under my belt and all the scars that go with them.

  15. Don’t worry about how geeky that sounded. My friends and I get together every Monday for D&D, but we use Voxli for voice chat and SharedView (a Microsoft free product) so the DM can display the game grid in Excel.

    We go by the honor system for dice rolls and use the dice roller. When I do need to roll the polymer polyhedrons, mine are a clear emerald.

  16. I still have the yellow dice (with the numbers filled with blue crayon) that came with my Basic D&D set, ca. 1983. I keep them in an embroidered felt bag made by my wife.

    As much as I’d love a set like this, I’d be afraid to actually throw them.

  17. My first set, purchased for me by my brother when I was but a baby geek are not a matched set, but whatever pretty colors I liked, and so are mostly in blues and purples. I just got two sets, one a pretty blue and purple swirl and gold numbers, and another a black with a slight sparkle. Pretty shiny things. Right now, I’m playing Alternity. I’ve got three characters, so I’ve assigned one set to each character.

  18. My dice are dark blue clear, with white crayon numbers (the ink came off years ago). I used to play D&D (white box), Traveller, and Gamma World, but from 2000-2005, was GURPS and Heros. Then we moved far, far away from everyone else and no more table-top gaming. I’m only now starting to introduce the daughter (9 years old) to D&D (via Paizo Pathfinder 3.5 format). Between D&D, Doctor Who, and a science bent, poor child has no chance of escaping geekhood.

  19. I have many, different colored sets of dice. My favorites, though, resemble the ones in the picture except that the glitteriness is in blues and greens.

    I prefer AD&D, but have recently played Mutants and Masterminds, and am now playing Shadowrun.

  20. I have clear blue (light, with swirls of darker blue nestled within), dark blue with gold lettering, and a ginormous (is that a word?) red d20 that I haul out for significant checks. I haven’t played in weeks, though. My inner geek is dying from neglect.

    In an unrelated note, has anyone tried the new Song of Ice and Fire rulesets from Green Ronin? I’m interested to hear what a gamer’s reaction to them are.

  21. When I used to game all the time, I used a tackle box to transport my dice. 100 sider? Check. 25 d4 caltrops? Check. Why I felt I needed 60 or so 6 sided dice is beyond me.

    I have no idea how I didn’t get beaten up walking through town with a Star Wars backpack full of D&D books, and a red tackle box full of dice.

    That’s right. I am coolness personified. Thanks for noticing. :)

  22. I have swirly iridescent dice for my current D&D (3e) character (a sahaugin), but my best dice choice was for my last character, when I bought extra-large dice to get into the mindset of being a halfling.

  23. I rarely use sets anymore, though I do have a set of hematite dice. I like stores that have bowls or fish tanks of dice and I’ll grab a few when I’m in – usually multicolor or with cool colors in the numbers. I try to have no two dice in my bag be exactly the same color and shape just to have more color.

    I’ve retired all the old dice that hard to read, though I still keep my first D20 in my bag – it was from red box Basic and it looks more like a light blue rock than a die.

  24. Sara@12: Not at all! You can appreciate the art and science of dice without actually having to use them. In fact, having a fascination for something most other people use only as a means to an end sounds like a perfectly geeky (and thus acceptable in this company) thing to do. So collect away!

  25. I have three sets of tiny dice — standard D&D sets, but very small. One is blue with gold numbering, the other is translucent and multicolored, and the third is a set of multicolored, tiny wooden six sided dice.

    The are about the size of blueberries. The wooden dice are the size of peas.

    I love my mini dice.

  26. Oh, I also have a set of knuckle bones (sheep ankle bones), plastic but modeled on a real one. They’re interesting in that different sides obviously vary in how likely they are to come up and games used to take this into account.

  27. I’ve got a set of Shadow colored dice from Chessex. There are little flashes of green, gold, purple and blue in this deep, smoky background. The numbers are gold. I like how they roll, too – always to the extremes, rarely to the middle. Yeah, I know, it’s just probability. Tell that to the water dice that I buried in the Louisiana swamp.

    Right now I’m playing Star Wars RPG. My family hosts it, and I bribe the GM with homemade crock pot red beans and rice – a strategy that’s working wonders.

  28. Hi, Kate. My name is Kate, and I am also a geek.

    My mom almost had a heart attack seeing this post, because I just got new dice.

    I currently use the Gemini Purple-Steel. With white. Just tested them last night in our last D&D session, and was quite pleased with their performance. We play 4.0. I like it because we are all grad students and don’t have time to do a full-on 3.5 campaign. Plus, we are bringing some non-gamers into the fold and we find 4.0 easier to teach.

    I like your taste in dice, Kate.

  29. We need a photo of your cat playing with dice.

    I recently bought blue 10-sider with white numerals. Got it to do some random striping on a knitting project with many colors. (Yes I could use a random numbers generator, but this is easier to carry around in knitting bag.:)

    (Also, there’s no paper trail if I cheat.)

  30. Mine are mostly swirly blues and greens mixed in with my original set of green with black speckles. I have the occasional red or black one thrown in for variety, and yesterday I bought three (a d20, d8 and a d12) shiny clear ones while I was visiting London. My dice, they are international! When I play with them, I play either DnD 3.5 or Vampire: Requiem.

    I also feel compelled to point out that in the picture that natural 20 looks an awful lot like an 18. Sorry. :(


  31. So Kate, will a dice roll determine the intensity of the Loving Mallet of Correction’s impact on Trollish skullcaps? Or will you use another method?

    Either way, I’m not looking to find out directly. I’d rather watch someone else get malleted and giggle at the poor fool from a distance…

    Out of D&D gaming myself. Gave all of my stuff and the “bag of possiblities” to my nephews 10-12 years ago. They’re currently waiting for their kids to grow up enough to handle hit points.

  32. To All Guest Bloggers,

    Please put your name at the beginning or end of each blog. This way we can easily tell you apart.

    It is also probably good for you to help with your name recognition.

    Thank You.

  33. Like Dave at #16 I still have my original yellow set from Basic D&D but I don’t use them since they are all dented and dinged from years of abuse.

    I have a large mixed bag of dice I use to make sets up for away games.

    The set I use at home were made from titanium by a friends dad in his machine shop. He made matched sets (2d4, 5d6, 2d8, 2d10, d12 & d20.) for his son and his 3 friends for Christmas in ’86. To tell the 4 sets apart the number “1” on each die is our first initial – “D” in my case.

    They were one of the best gifts I ever received and the oldest gift that I still have and use.

  34. 3.) Kris Johnson – Hey! It wouldn’t have been such a great picture if I didn’t turn that roll that I totally rolled on it’s side! Yeah, that’s exactly what I did… :)

    9.) Yancy Burns – I am so mad I missed that shirt! I must now live vicariously through you for a day.

    12.) Sara – Commitment, shamittment (?), play when you can and enjoy it when you can!

    20.) Pete – I was waiting for you to ask! Let’s play this weekend. Bring the Doritos and Mountain Dew.

    28.) Hi Kate! Say hi to your mom for me! :)

    31.) Jeff S. – That my dear, is an excellent idea. However, I run the risk of becoming a character like Two Face. Oh I delight at the possibilities….

  35. 32.) Guess – Names are at the top of each post, underneath the title of the post. If you are using a google reader, the name comes up as well once you click on the post.

    Also – John has put up a list of guest bloggers in the sidebar. We all have different names, so it shouldn’t be so bad in identifying us.

  36. Hi Kate! I’m #28 Kate M’s mom. Love your post!

    We play a modified version of original D&D at our house. My favorite dice right now are copper Dwarven Metal dice from Crystal Caste.

  37. So far, no one seems to have mentioned World of Darkness, which is what I play every Thursday. My D10 are green and purple with the numbers in gold-ish.

    The rest of my dice are not sets, but of various different colours, except some regular black D6 from when I tried out Star Wars D&, but I didn’t like that system.

  38. Hi,
    mines are black with the numbers and the ank in red. For Vampire the masquerade!

  39. MTG player here… I have a big bowl filled with dice and pretty glass tokens. My dice are a rainbow of colours, red, white, green, blue, black, purple, gold and blue with an iridescent green shimmer and gold pips.

  40. I haven’t played a paper game in over two decades, but I’ve got a full set of obsidian dice with silver numbers buried somewhere in a memento box. I’m also pretty sure I still have the “Red Dice O’ Death(tm)” that I used exclusively to terrorize my “Paranoia” players — no matter what the roll, everyone knew something very, very bad was about to happen :)

  41. The “Hi im Kate and I’m a geek” bit sounds like you introducing yourself at a 12-step meeting.

    Geekanon? Nerdanon? RPGanon?

  42. I used to play Call of Cthulhu, which used the various geometrical solids, but I much preferred both the original Star Wars RPG (the one from Mayfair), and Champions, the Super-Hero game from the eighties. And both of those used nothin’ but the cubes. I still have a plastic jar of 72 of them, orange with black pips, and something like 4,098,678 superhero lead figures.

  43. Uhh… My dice are white with black dots. They each have six sides, and when I roll doubles I get to go again.

    Also, I always get second place in the beauty contest, no matter how many times I play. Dumb ol’ Community Chest…

    (No, Shawn has never played a role playing dice game, his dice are boring.)

  44. Sadly, lately, all I’ve been playing are some Play By E-Mail games, one of which doesn’t use dice or a solid game mechanic at all. But otherwise, I have a bag of many dice, plus a nifty little dice app for my Droid which, sadly, doesn’t seem quite as random as it should be…

  45. My favorite dice are thirty-five year old Monopoly dice; they’re elegantly antique and have aged very well. I’ve collected a lot of old dice over the years, kept in a classic Crown Royal velvet bag.

  46. Oh, and that picture above has my old 3.5 character sheet underneath the dice. We’re playing 4E, now, and loving it.

  47. God I am getting old. It’s been twenty years since I played D&D, AD&D if you really want to geek on it. Still have the original dice, blue in my case. Plus a bunch of other dice, I think the emerald green crysal die were the prettiest. A small pile of books and a couple of years worth of Dragon magazine. Plus a couple of pounds of figures.

  48. I have tons and tons of dice in all sorts of colors including some of those semi-precious stone ones. I’ve played a huge range of games, far too many to list.

    Favorite dice are in the green/blue/purple spectrum, and my favorite game is Call of Cthulhu.

  49. I rarely do any roll-playing any more, but I still have some of my favorite dice. The best is a pair of solid brass d6s, about 1.5 inches on an edge, which usually elicits orders like “Don’t even think about it!” when I try to roll them on a board of any kind.

    On a side note, does anyone know where I can get d12s, d20s, or larger with spots instead of numbers? Dice should have spots, dammit!

  50. Multiple sets, multiple colors. My favorites three sets are red, green, and blue with gold lettering and gold flecks. I’ll try just about any game at least once, and I’ve played almost all iterations of DnD, expect 4th with I refuse to play as it resembles a freaking video game more than anything else. Been awhile since I’ve been in a regular group however.

    I also have bricks of d6s for Warhammer 40K, though I’m likely going to be getting out of that soon. Anyone interested in a pile of Orks?

  51. My favorite die is my 2-inch D20 of bludgeoning :)

    It’s a great threat when DMing.

  52. My dice are the Chessex Translucent Yellow (pictured here: ) … known amongst my friends as “the pee-pee dice”. I bought them (and now collect them) because I was going to tournaments, conventions and the like and enjoyed a much more common marble green color dice with white pips. The problem was that this color combination was rather popular at the time and when games were over there was always, “Hey, are those MY dice or yours?” Never a good thing. I can pretty much guarantee that nobody else has pee-pee colored dice at a tournament. It is often my war cry now, “Beware the wrath of the pee-pee dice!”

    My dice have been enjoying a semi-retirement of late, though most recently they were used for various war games and Hero Games-derived genres.

  53. Mine are deep blue with a hint of green woven through, dusted with gold.

    I play Tekumel with them. I also play Amber, but that’s without dice, and Everway Homebrews, which use cards.

  54. Mine are a mix, but my favorites are black with white bits on them or the silver and purple swirled ones. I also have a glittery red D20 that is my bad-luck sucking die. It doesn’t get rolled, it just sits in my dice bag and pulls the bad rolls out of other dice. :)

    I covet a set of stone dice though… maybe in amethyst or jade.

  55. I have a few different sets, but my favorites are translucent green ones that have a blue sparkly bits that can look like a little blue gem inside the die. They’re my go to set when I’m playing a bard in 4th ed.

    Pictures here for the interested.

  56. I started with AD&D so I have a chromatic spray of various shapes. We eventually settled on Shadowrun for about 10 years, so a big bag of just cubes now- black/yellow, red/white, and “dragon bone.”

    Throwing a big, big handful of dice at once is very impressive, yes.

  57. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I have the power to change images with my brain and made your natural 20 an 18 instead. You’ll never roll a natural twenty again, now. You’re cursed. Mwahaha.

    All silliness aside, welcome :). Do you like RPing in the Lucas stuff? I tried playing SW RPG when I was in my teens, but that was so long ago now…

  58. Tom@42: “Geekanon? Nerdanon? RPGanon?”

    We just call it Whatever.

    Hmmm… I wonder if there’s a market for dice with holographic numerals, so that you can only read them when illuminated with the proper magic wand / laser.

    David Klecha@48: I’d never trust a software random number generator. Here’s why.

  59. I have a box O’Dice and they strecth back over thrith years of gaming, so it’s an entire spectrum of color. My newest die is a D20, clear with dark blue stream of color through it. Very purddy.
    Twice a month we RPG (D&D 3.5 , and 3.0), I play Abdul-Nasir Alladin the luckless Paladin and I run a D&D 3.5 campaign that is near the end.
    (The other weekends we do board and card gaming which my wife likes.)

  60. A friend just brought me back two sets of pink dice (one light and slightly opaque and sparkly, the other fuchsia and clear) from Comic-Con. *squee*

  61. My dice are mostly marbley blues, in various flavors of darker and lighter. I also have a variety of others that I got when a friend our gaming group bought two pounds of dice and let us pick from his leftovers. Free dice will keep geeks entertained for hours!

    We just got done with a Star Wars game and are now starting up an urban magic game created by our GM using the Song of Ice and Fire as our game system.

  62. I’m still new to tabletop, so I only have one set – yellow with red specks and green numbers, I think the style is Lotus from Chessex. I love them because they look like they have the plague.

  63. I have a pair of dice I keep in a fuzzy velvet purple bag. Bought ’em at a con.

    The die have words: Rock Paper Scissors.

    Oh yeah. Geek.

    Dr. Phil

  64. 65: YAH! O I love my Gamescience dice with their precision and ability to stop quickly. I’ve got five or six opaque sets-easier to read- but my favorite are the glow-in-the-dark ones.

  65. The set of dice that I have that are currently in favor are octarine. Well, they’re a clear crystal with a pink/green sheen to them. I’ve used them most recently to play Mutants and Masterminds Paragons.

  66. I have plenty of dice of all colors. I prefer the clearer ones.
    Apparently I even play them in my sleep. I have been told by 2 different people that I have loudly said “20!! Yes!!” while asleep.

  67. My dice are that motley collection of colours and solids and gems that only comes of over 25 years of both collection and international relocation…

    In terms of what they’re used for, I’d like to say Call of Cthulu, Ciderpunk (like Cyberpunk but with a lot more drinking of fermented apples), WFRP, Delta Green and others… But the sad truth is that they spend most of the time hiding in a cupboard next to endless permutations of Munchkin and an everswelling Carcassone…

    The real problem is that all of my gaming circle have discovered poker. And that a life time of gaming has left us comfortably good at poker. And poker can a) be won; b) provide financial benefits that no amount of RPG can match :(

  68. I lost my original bag of dice accumulated since the 70’s a few years back. I had a black replacement set until recently, but since my oldest took them off to college with him, I now have the happy task of buying more.

  69. The ones I’m currently using are a set of jumbo dice, matte with big white numbers, some purple some black. I have a few extra d8s and d6s, as I was playing a Warmage in D&D and wound up having to roll a ridiculous number of dice. I use jumbo ones because everyone complained they couldn’t see what I was rolling, and half the time I couldn’t see it either! Currently my group is taking a break as my boyfriend has a new baby, but before the hiatus we were playing Star Wars, Saga Edition. This was after 4 years of D&D, and I was QUITE ready for a change to a galaxy far far away :)

  70. Kate,

    More like Dodecahedron face I’m thinking
    Still, fun for all that stay out of range 8D

  71. I have three Crown Royal bags with dice of various colors — and yes, those bags were earned honorably. One bag in particular is for when I play at a D&D (3.x) game run by my friend “Evil Bob.” I did this in the vain hope of isolating some dice mojo after a high level total party wipe out.

    I didn’t work. I’ve lost five PCs since the campaign started and we’re around 4th-5th level.

    As for games, my primaries are D&D (up to 3rd edition, never 4th) and HackMaster, with the occasional foray into GURPS and Call of Cthulhu.

  72. My name is Faith. I am also a geek. :)

    I use any dice in my dice box…varied colors from speckled green to clear black to clear smoke to purple (first set) to beautiful red with gold numbering. Best dice sets are the Cthulhu dice basic set of d20, d6, d8, 2d10, etc and their glow in the dark counterparts that I got for Christmas one year from the husband.

    I play Traveller one night a week and Pathfinder another night in the week.

  73. I have one set of dice – 10 sided, purple with black speckles and gold numbering. No one else is allowed to touch them and I don’t allow them to touch other dice, either.

    I played World of Darkness games back in the day, but haven’t been in an active campaign in years. Which is good because I can’t stay up that late, anymore. Poor, neglected dice.

  74. I have an Age of Conan game that has been on hold for a month while we all work out our schedules. This waiting has given me a troubled brow. ;)

  75. I have bright pink dice with blue speckles and blue numbering which are absolutely hideous because I got sick of people stealing them at cons. (Or worse yet, my friends claiming ownership because we all have the same stupid Vampire dice.)

    I play just about anything. Most recently I engaged in some Mouse Guard, although I wasn’t necessarily all that fond of the system. I was really hoping I’d have a chance to get my Star Wars on this fall but apparently that fell through. Alas.

  76. I guess I’m one of the few to play World of Darkness. Actually, what we played was a Superhero-themed game one of the guys in our group cooked up, using World of Darkness as a basic template.

    I had played D&D before, also, but my feeble brain was soon overwhelmed by all the different dice, modifiers, etc. World of Darkness is relatively simple, as it calls only for D10s, and that simplicity allows me to actually enjoy the campaign.

    As for what I roll: solid black with white numerals.

  77. My dice are all the colors of the wind… I mean rainbow. Chaos dice? Got ’em. Directionals? Yep. Strangely shaped, almost cylindrical. Natch.

    I do need more 6 sided ones, in preparation for that time when I set some poor gamers to face Tiamat.

  78. i am a die mooch, i tend to use what ever extras are sitting around the table when we play.

    what do we play? eclipse phase, so just a bunch of D10s

  79. I have some multicolored dice (mostly dark green and black with purple flecks and gold numbers) which are primarily used as counters for Munchkin and Magic the Gathering.

  80. Sadly, I haven’t rolled in years. I had a few sets, and liked using my elemental dice best. Last RPG I plated was Wheel of Time, but I’m more familiar with D&D. I’ve been wanting to get back into it for some time.

  81. My favorite dice are transparent emerald with white markings but I’ve also got some opalesque blue ones. I used to play my own cooked up variant of DSA with them but these days I use them to teach my daughter some math. She doesn’t like math as much as I do but she loves the dice.

  82. Purple with gold numbers. And I’m currently playing in a homebrew system our GM stitched together, in an original universe specific to what we asked of him. Secret mage societies at war in a world inspired by renaissance Italy rock my world.

    I’m a geek playing another geek, although my other geek has much more politics to deal with:)

  83. I still have, and sometimes use, my dice that came with the Advanced D&D “basic” box set, the one with the blue and black cover drawing of the dragon and adventurers. They’re kinda beat up, but they still give me great rolls.

    When not using them, I have topaz colored gem dice and a pair of D% with one red and one gray.

    And of course a ten-pound bag of d6s for playing Shadowrun. My Mage has serious mana.

  84. I have a set of plain ol’ dice in various solid colours, purchased in 1984 from a gaming shop in the UK. From memory I think it’s white for the D20, yellow for the D4, Green for the D8 and mumble mumble for the Dmumble.

    All the corners have been knocked off from use, which means they roll and roll and roll. Except the D4 – that still goes ker-thump.

  85. Curtis@89–Eclipse Phase is one of the ones my group’s talked about; how is it?

    We’ve run through D&D 4e (combats are too long), Pathfinder, (good) and CthulhuTech (greatest setting ever; cyberpunk + elder gods, though the system can be broken pretty easily) 7th Sea (insanely fun but never suspenseful) and Burning Empires (Which. Just don’t.) Still haven’t done World of Darkness, oddly enough, though I’d love a Promethean game.

  86. I have two favorite sets of dice. One is yellow jade (the actual mineral, so yeah, that color too). The other is obsidian (see above.) I have various other sets too, because I’ve been a big nerd for well, decades, so I’ve accumulated a lot.

  87. Hey Kate – if you are into RPGs you should check out our RPG forums on We have both Star Wars and non-Star Wars boards. (Shameless promotion – I am the Tech Admin on the boards there.)

  88. #57 crypticmirror, you can also get d10 dice within dice. They’re good for games where you need to roll lots of pairs of dice and keep track of which die pairs with which, such as damage rolls in SFB.

  89. Hi Kate, nice to meet ya! Personally, I’m a nerd/geek combo. I’m actually pretty excited about all you guest bloggers! :D

  90. Hiya Kate!

    I happen to own 6 sets, my personal favorite is my pink quartz set (yes, they’re the actual mineral). My first set that I still have is my blue with pink numbers.

  91. I cut my RPG teeth on a set of very cheap, very plain white dice, back when AD&D had only one edition. Since then, I’ve spent more time and money playing AD&D 1, 2, 3, and 3.5 than I care to admit. I’ve also enjoyed the old TSR Marvel Super Heroes (most fun game ever to make characters for!), Call of Cthulhu, ShadowRun, and a smattering of others (TSRs Star Frontiers, the d6 Star Wars, the 1st d20 Star Wars edition, the original Deadlands system, a few home-brews….). The last few years, it’s been mostly GURPS when we have the rare chance to game.

    I stick to dark red and black dice sets these days. My wife has a really cool clear gray set, that I am often tempted to steal though.

    Sigh, I miss paper RPGs; stupid responsibilities of adulthood.

  92. I roll black on orange whenever possible. Currently running a D&D 4th Ed game and playing SAGA Star Wars. Buddies recently put together a mini-con (5 games over a three day weekend). I knew 4th Ed was slow, but didn’t realize just how bad it was until my buddy ran through 7 Star Wars encounters in the time it took me to run 2. Got a copy of Mutants and Masterminds as a “party favor” for running the game, so times may be a-changin’.

  93. I have dice sets corresponding to my characters. I e.g. had an electric blue dragon themed dice set for my storm sorcerer (D&D 4ed), grey/black dwarven runes for my dwarven cleric of Moradin (D&D 4ed), stainless steel dice for my dwarven fighter (D&D 4ed) and also for my Arch Militant (WH40k Rogue Trader). I like the dice from Q-Workshop and have just ordered a set of the new white/black Dwarven Dice for my new dwarven Cleric of Amaunator (D&D 4ed).
    Why, yes, I like to play dwarves :) and we had a spot of bad luck with our last few adventure parties ;)
    When I run my Star Wars Saga game, I just use whatever dice are in my dice cup.

  94. I use my pink and girly set of dice most often; My random color and style DM set when I’m running the game; but my favorite dice are my blank six-siders (“from which I have had the spots removed for luck. But I remember where they formerly was, Detroit”).

    And right now we’re playing 4th Edition D&D every other weekend. I also think 4E is easier to teach — my kids get it, and are forming their own gaming gang.

  95. Hi Kate and the other Kate! I’m also a geek Kate and think pink is really the only way to go for these things.

    I just moved away to a new city and webcam rp gaming sounds like a great idea.

    Have you ever played any of the better star wars mp video games like Jedi Outcast/Academy?

  96. So far, it would appear that the most popular guest blogger is the new site manager!

    Props to Kate Baker and her dice!

    Now I must go check out Shades of Milk and Honey, and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Which both sound really good.

  97. My standard dice are purple with white numbers, supplemented with 20 years of random collecting, depending on what we’re playing. My emergency d20, in my handbag, is green. You never know when you’ll need a random number generator, right?

    My standard dice are currently being punished, though, and can’t come out of the freezer until they promise not to kill me any more. I might even go buy some new ones, to put the fear of Me into the little buggers.

    We’re currently retooling our D&D 4 back to 3.5, and I’m taking a SW/Fate crossover and putting it back into the old WEG SW format. But secretly, I wish someone would run Trail of Chthulu, the Gumshoe version of CoC.

  98. I play with two sets (one is turquoise, green, and blue shimmer with gold numbers, the other is a mat-green that takes in some light, but not as much as the regular clear kind and the numbers are white) and an assortment of pretty see-through 6’s. I play a 1/2 Elf Ranger in a D&D, 4th addition campaign. (I’ve been playing since AD&D Second Addition, and have followed through with each changing addition. Love it!

  99. Mine are Blue with some sort of lighter Blue swirl in them. I just started playing Dungeons and Dragons 4E, 5 weeks ago. I’ve been going to the encounters sessions at my local gaming store. It’s been over 10 years since I last played any sort of pen and paper RPG. In the past I’ve played Vampire:tM (in high school) and Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition (in middle school).

    I have the rulebook for Star Wars but have never played. Is it fun?

  100. Two ten-siders, deep teal with gold numbers. Currently holding up the right side of my work Macbook Air so the iBook charger works.

    Need. More. Dice.

  101. I don’t have any, since they’ve either vanished in various moves or been appropriated by my kids, who are now gamers.

  102. I have a dice fetish so there is a varied collection in an old wooden tea box. I haven’t played in years but my favorites were a set of gem colored die that rolled awesomely high numbers when I needed them the most.

    My D&D books were stashed away in the closet and only recently saw the light of day when we redid the bedroom. As I sat paging through the books, my kids kept asking me what I was doing and as I described the games I used to play, I could see their eyes glaze over and realized there went any idea of sitting around a table playing D&D with them. Another parenting dream implosion…..

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