I was heading out for NASFIC last night  — and by last night I mean 12:50 am today — and discovered Harriet plotting her escape.

Her camouflage does not work as well in this context as she apparently thinks it does.

Meanwhile, allow me to supply you with the other Whatever tradition, which I’m sure you have been missing. The requisite view from the hotel room window.

I grew up in Raleigh and down town has changed radically and yet hasn’t changed at all.  This view, looks completely familiar, but if I turn my head…

The hideous white and glass building was there when I was growing up here. The thing that WASN’T here, which I find astonishing, is the farmer’s market with live music.  So awesome.  I do not recall Raleigh being this hip when I lived here. Of course, I was also a teen so I had high standards for hip or cool or whatever your term of choice for general trendy fashion is.

Anyone else going to be at NASFIC this weekend?

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  1. Hooray, NASFiC! The last picture looks like a scale model for a movie set. Hard to believe it’s downtown Raleigh.

  2. If you think the architecture in Raleigh has changed, wait until you see the nightlife and resturants.

  3. Awww, my cats also attempt to stow away in open suitcases. It’s hard to tell if it’s an actual escape attempt or if they’re trying to prevent you from leaving.

  4. My parents were going, but then the Family Reunion decided to occupy the same weekend. Me, I work weekends, and work declared No Vacation In August.

  5. The whole triangle is working quite hard to catch up to Chapel Hill & Carrboro in its hipness quotient.

  6. I’ll be there. I’m driving down with friends at a ridiculously early hour tomorrow. I’ll probably be spending half the convention at the fan table for my local DC area convention – Capclave (

    We will also be throwing one of the “meet and greets” (don’t call it a party).

    Looking forward to trying the BBQ (so glad I don’t keep kosher).

  7. I wish I were. I miss NC and try to find any excuse to go home, but time and money didn’t allow it.

    Cathy – if you can find time for a trip over to Durham, go to Bullock’s for some of the best traditional NC style bbq and great southern food in general.

  8. Hi! I’ll be there, I’ll be the person attempting to provide information at the Information Desk (I’m a transplant; was hoping to have more natives helping me out but staffing’s been an issue.) Feel free to stop by and say hi! :)

  9. Dang. The one weekend with things happening downtown and I’m scheduled to be gone! Welcome to Raleigh, hope you have a good time!

    PS – Barbeque is a noun here, describing a very specific product. I was raised where it was a verb, describing the activity of cooking your food outdoors.

  10. I’ll be there! I live out by Chapel Hill, and I’m looking forward to not having to travel really far for a con (for once).

    As nancileigh says, barbecue is a noun (typically pulled pork in a vinegar or tomato based sauce, depending on if you’re eastern or western NC ‘cue), and the verb for cooking food in your backyard is grilling. There have been … discussions of this linguistic issue that have taken nearly the context of religious fervor.

  11. I will be at nasfic. Not sure what time tomorrow I’ll get there. I am looking forward to going to at least one of your readings (it looked like there were 2, one on Thursday and one on Saturday, in the program, but I might have misread it)

  12. Not going to NASFIC (*sob*) but it looks like it will rock!

    Apropos of the town, when my husband’s glam-punk band played Raleigh, they got a really warm reception. Ended up staying for a week, playing different venues. He said the people were fantastic, and if you’re an example, I’m not surprised.

    Those of us left behind will expect a full nightlife report.

  13. I”m going. Not quite my first SF con (I’ve been to Capclave a couple of times) but the first non-local one.

  14. Oh, Great Kowal! What a magnificent portrait of Glorious Harriet. The Rule-of-9 composition and the framing with the black interior of…

    Ehhhh. Nope, can’t do it.

    It’s just me, Jeff Hentosz, havin’ a laugh.

    Dat’s a sweetie kitty.

  15. Had I known you were going to be there,I’d have made the effort to get there, sigh…..

  16. What are those big, Tripod-lookin’ things about to attack the farmer’s market in the second picture of downtown? Are they just cool sculpture, or do they serve some other, less obvious purpose as well?

  17. @The Other Keith: they’re lights. Yes, really. They even change colors (!).

    I work on the other side of the hideous white and glass building. Just learned of the convention this afternoon and already have other plans. Foo. Next year, I’ll pay better attention.

  18. Just like my cat. Pretty much every time I pack for a trip my cat jumps into my suit case when my back is turned.

  19. Yep, I’m here. I’m the weary one stalking the halls, when I can get out of the Ops office.

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