The God Engines Now Available In Apple’s iBook Store

John also wanted me to let everyone know that The God Engines is available in the Apple iBook Store! Broadening his horizons a bit, John wrote a truly engaging dark fantasy novella. I highly suggest you read this 2010 Hugo nominated work if you are looking for something to both challenge and terrify you.

So since I have an iPad Mini, I thought you’d like to see how pretty the cover looks on a color display. I’m sure it looks even more awesome on a full size device.

You’ll need to download the free iBooks store app on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. Once you do, go to the store button on the upper right hand corner, and then click the magnifying glass on the bottom of the app to search. The book comes up when you type either the title, or “John Scalzi”. In fact, when you type in John’s name, most of his other work is returned in the search as well.

Happy reading!

So, how do you like that Apple? (See what I did there? Yeah I know, it was lame but amused me all the same!)

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I was heading out for NASFIC last night  — and by last night I mean 12:50 am today — and discovered Harriet plotting her escape.

Her camouflage does not work as well in this context as she apparently thinks it does.

Meanwhile, allow me to supply you with the other Whatever tradition, which I’m sure you have been missing. The requisite view from the hotel room window.

I grew up in Raleigh and down town has changed radically and yet hasn’t changed at all.  This view, looks completely familiar, but if I turn my head…

The hideous white and glass building was there when I was growing up here. The thing that WASN’T here, which I find astonishing, is the farmer’s market with live music.  So awesome.  I do not recall Raleigh being this hip when I lived here. Of course, I was also a teen so I had high standards for hip or cool or whatever your term of choice for general trendy fashion is.

Anyone else going to be at NASFIC this weekend?


Pondering Inception’s Sequel Odds and Revisiting the Bechdel Test


Hey boys and girls! It’s that time of the week again and since John is on vacation, I get to tell you to head over to for his weekly column!

John dips into the mailbag and answers some questions that have come up in reponse to his last few columns. Click on through to the other side and please leave comments there.

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