The God Engines Now Available In Apple’s iBook Store

John also wanted me to let everyone know that The God Engines is available in the Apple iBook Store! Broadening his horizons a bit, John wrote a truly engaging dark fantasy novella. I highly suggest you read this 2010 Hugo nominated work if you are looking for something to both challenge and terrify you.

So since I have an iPad Mini, I thought you’d like to see how pretty the cover looks on a color display. I’m sure it looks even more awesome on a full size device.

You’ll need to download the free iBooks store app on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch. Once you do, go to the store button on the upper right hand corner, and then click the magnifying glass on the bottom of the app to search. The book comes up when you type either the title, or “John Scalzi”. In fact, when you type in John’s name, most of his other work is returned in the search as well.

Happy reading!

So, how do you like that Apple? (See what I did there? Yeah I know, it was lame but amused me all the same!)

17 Comments on “The God Engines Now Available In Apple’s iBook Store”

  1. How much is it? I don’t see it yet on the European iTunes store. I only see “The Ghost Brigades” at €8.99 … while the paperback is available at for €6.16 with free 3 days delivery. I’m guessing Amazon’s suppliers must be charging them negative dollars for ink, printing, binding, and transatlantic shipping.

    Result: I’ve bought 5 books since I bought my iPad almost 2 months ago, all paper.

  2. The Australian iBooks store is still a specialist 19th century literature only bookstore. But then again, I can’t remember the last time I bought a paper book that wasn’t imported from the UK or the US.The oz publishing industry seems to think sci-fi is a foreign language.

  3. That’s great news! Hopefully this means it’ll be available for the B&N nook very soon…

  4. Yay! More distribution=more sales=more gold in the Scalzhoard!

    Japan, alas, is still in the “iBookstore=Project Gutenburg in color” phase. Which is why I love Kindle for now…But fingers crossed it’ll be here soon!

  5. This reminds me, I must check how my PDF-kindly-sent-to-Hugo-nominator of GE looks on my gf’s iPad.

  6. Nope not available in New Zealand either. Actually there are no books for sale in the New Zealand Apple book store, only out of copyright stuff for free. So guess it is dead trees again.

  7. Nada for Canada as well unless you buy the Kindle version.

    I can’t check but how does the price of the iBooks version compare to the Kindle price? I’ve been noting that Kindle prices are usually lower.

  8. 1.) Nixar – On my iBook app, it shows as 4.99 USD.

    10.) Eridani – Thanks! I actually took a marker and colored in the leaf at the bottom to make it more colorful.

    12.) Davethepotter – When the iPad came out, many people refered to the iPod Touch as the iPad mini, because they are very similar in design, the iPad is just bigger. I was just being silly. :)

    To all others, it does sound like the iBook is only available in the US right now. My apologies for the confusion.

  9. There are no e-books for sale in the Finnish iBookstore either, but yesterday I saw that “The God Engines” was available on for $4,99, and I was able to buy it in EPUB format which the iBooks app can display.

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