This is my life right now.

Moving boxes

Just moved into a new apartment yesterday, so am a little discombobulated at the moment. Shall wax eloquent about Inception tomorrow, when I’ve recombobulated a little. In the meantime, it’s a great apartment — significantly larger than my last one and cheaper, and with a lovely night-view of lower Manhattan and my favorite bridge in the city, the Williamsburg. (Yeah, weird fact about New Yorkers; we all have a favorite bridge.) It has a good vibe; I can write here.

For those of you who doubt the existence of my cat, if you look closely at this pile of boxes, you might notice a wafting brindled tail… OK, just kidding, NukuNuku’s tail isn’t in the photo.


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  1. I left NYC almost 20 years ago, for PA, and although I love where I live, I do miss the perpetual energy of NY. I grew up in the other end of Bklyn, the one with the view of the Verrazano & Staten Island, and there is nothing like those majestic views. And I imagine there are some awesome eating establishments within a two minute walk of your new place. Enjoy!

  2. You know me. I’m the polybridgeamous sort. I like the Henry Hudson, the GW, and of course, the Williamsburg.

    One of my favorite bridge moments in genre fiction is in China Mountain Zhang. Right at the end, where he’s taking the D train into Brooklyn over (I assume) the Manhattan Bridge.

    The light angles across Brooklyn, red now. It comes through the train windows. Sunset used to depress me. But I learned in Baffin Island, you’ve just got to remember the light, keep it inside you, and wait. The sun comes back, every morning

    See you week after next at KGB?

  3. You do realize that now there will be people going over that photo pixel by pixel looking for a cat tail?

    My sympathies on the move, and I’m glad you found a place you like. My family moved a lot when I was a kid, so I know the discombobulated feeling.

  4. My favorite is the George Washington Bridge. I can see it from my bedroom window, and I love how it looks at night all glowy from the flood lamps and with that rotating beacon light at the very top.

    My runner-up favorite bridge is the Queensboro, aka the “59th St. Bridge.” This is mostly due to that climactic scene in Highlander where the Kurgan drives across the bridge, then he and Connor MacLeod fight it out atop the roof of Silvecup Studios.

    And, hey, I’ll be at KGB later this month as well! Anyone else?

  5. Congrats on the new apartment and hopefully much enjoyment and little stress with the unpacking (says the woman who still has unpacked boxes in her garage from the move to this house six years ago).

    Portlanders (Oregon, that is) also often have favorite bridges. Visually, I like the Hawthorne; for getting to the west side I often prefer the Ross Island (though it is hulking and fugly).

  6. I am packing up my stuff for an end of the month move. What a pain.

    But I have a suggestion, after noticing all those nice, new Home Depot boxes in your photo: Boxes are to be had via Craigslist and many people are just giving them away free.

  7. CV Rick @#7,

    Yes, normally I get boxes from CL (and will be giving away my own the same way). In this case, though, it was a last-minute, very fast move, and I didn’t have time for my usual procedures.

  8. I can see that it’s going to take time for me to make the adjustment to multiple guest bloggers – I thought John was moving until I got to the end of the entry.

    Good luck with the new apartment.

  9. @9 Cassie If you read this via RSS then you’ll miss the Published by: attribution right under the Whatever entry title. I click through to read the comments and figured that out.

  10. I found a cat-shaped smudge on the painting. Does that count?

    Sorry, no disrespect intended to the artist. My lack of appreciation for visual art is legendary. But cat-shaped smudges are something I’m very familiar with.

  11. Eh? That amorphous blob center-right isn’t NukuNuku? Oh, it’s a bag. WITH NUKUNUKU INSIDE!

  12. lovely night-view of lower Manhattan and my favorite bridge in the city, the Williamsburg

    Will you be posting pictures of this view for those of us that aren’t in New York? Utah has nice views if you like mountains. But no bridges.

  13. I held an open can of tuna in fromt of my monitor and saw no signs of movment. Cats can not resist the smell of an open can of tuna, therefor there is no cat in the picture.
    Nefarious plot foiled. Next!

  14. Yes, we sure do have our favorite bridges. Mine is the Brooklyn Bridge; I love the gothic arches and the patterns of the cables; this view gets me every time.

  15. Rembrant@15: I had a cat who refused to give me the satisfaction of responding to an open can of tuna, coolness being a priority in her life, but who would go absolutely batscat over an olive. Different strokes, as they say.

    I hope you folks are satisfied. With all the talk of cats on Whatever this past week, I’ve decided to add one back into my home. (My daughter took our last one when she moved out three years ago.) Litter, pan, dishes and food are on hand; I’ll hit the shelter on Saturday. The challenge will be to bring home only one.

    (Seriously, though – thanks, everybody.)

  16. I see it! I see the cat tail!!!

    Don’t tell ME it’s not there. I saw it for myself. I know what I saw and you can’t tell me different.

    My favorite bridge is the Brooklyn. To my mind it’s the only genuinely beautiful bridge I’ve ever seen with mine own eyes. The rest look cool, but that’s not the same thing at all.

    Of course, on a clear winter’s night when all aglow with light all bridges are beautiful. But the Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful in broad daylight, in the heat of summer, and even close up.

  17. Xopher @ #22,

    You just keep looking, buddy. I’m sure there’s something there.

    I love the Brooklyn Bridge too. Aesthetically speaking, I think it truly is lovely and unique. But the Williamsburg’s appeal for me is sentimental. As a little girl, I would walk across that bridge at night with my father, and babble at him about the plot of my latest story/novel idea. The bridge was in terrible shape back then — there were literally rusted-out holes, large enough for a child to fall through, at several points along its walkway. (Probably should’ve been condemned, but people kept using it, and nobody stopped us. Besides, you could spot the bad holes a good ten feet away, easy.) So I spent my formative years working out plot holes while literally dodging deadly potholes! Which made me the writer that I am today.

  18. Then be sure to hie yourself away to yon Comic Con in October, over at the Javits Center. Hey, Jim Butcher’s gonna be there. The con may explode from the doubled raw awesomeness.

  19. Love the Williamsburg bridge. I ride over it everyday to and from work. The view from the train at night is always beautiful. One of the very few benefits of living on the J-train line.

  20. “Shall wax eloquent about Inception tomorrow, when I’ve recombobulated a little.”

    Too tired to try to find the cat’s tail, but am looking forward to read your thoughts about Inception.

  21. Mark @ #29,

    KGB is a bar in NYC that holds the “Fantastic Fiction” reading series once a month, hosted by none other than Ellen Datlow and Matt Kressel. Guest SF writers, usually two per event, come and read from their latest works every third Wednesday of every month. The place gets really packed, and you can usually find lots of insiders in the field there, drinking it up and just being merry.

    This month, on Aug. 18, guests will be Laura Anne Gilman and Mary Robinette Kowal.

  22. Everyone should have a favorite bridge, or several. Fond as I am of our local Golden Gate, my favorite is the Iron Bridge across the Severn in Shropshire.

  23. I’m from Maine, but lived in Brooklyn with my Manhattan-born husband. We live in Maine now. Love it here. Loved it there. Thanks for the great post.

    I’ll just take this moment, though, to say how glad I am that I bought your book at the bookstore last Friday instead of the one I was going to buy. At least one sale as a result of guest blogging! I thought it was just wonderful. Couldn’t put it down. I loved how the shape of the fantasy world emerged and unfolded through Yeine’s perceptions without a lot of backstory or description. The plot really MOVED and the story and characters moved me. So thanks. Good luck with moving and all the writing. Can’t wait until Nov 3 for the sequel. Best wishes, Michele