Lions and tigers and catnip, oh my!

(h/t Nalo Hopkinson)

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  1. So, what have we learned, class?

    A) The response of domestic cats to catnip is an evolutionarily inherrited trait.

    B) If you are being stalked by tigers in the wild, throw a bag of catnip at them to disable them.

  2. This seems like the perfect place to mention that the Whateverettes will need entries.
    @1:57 Dude, don’t bogart the nip.

  3. It must be a black cat thing… Our Little Man ( who believes himself to be Sabre, but with an unfortunate size problem that is entirely humanity’s fault) is an exceptionally mean drunk. Imagine eight pounds of paranoid coke head with claws. He’s perfectly lovely the rest of the time, but with the drugs, just drop it and run, man! And Sabre had the exact look of wild-eyed hyper-destructive frenzy.

  4. @CSEDwards #6- Useless with video. =D

    And if there’s anything cuter than an enormous predator with inch-long teeth demonstrating it’s undying love to a paper sack, I don’t know what it could be.

  5. Hmmm, only 25% of our cats are catnip fiends. Moonlight, our neutered male, goes out of his way to find the hidden catnip stash. None of the girls care.

  6. That was hilarious, thank you.
    I was imagining them saying, “My priecioussssss…”

  7. I worked in a zoo many years ago. Our lion loved the stuff and after a bit of nip would bat around a large bowling ball like my domestic kitty would a wad of paper. The tiger, on the other hand, always looked somewhat offended if we offered it to her. She much preferred the marigold based bug spray.

  8. Stephen Watkins @4

    A) Only about 50% of domestic cats enjoy or even react to catnip

    B) i) Make sure you have a good airtight can.
    ii) Only about 50% of domestic cats enjoy or even react to catnip, probably true of tigers.

  9. There’s definitely something wrong with me. As I’m watching the tiger gnaw on the bag, I’m thinking, “but there needs to be a control bag! I mean, what if he just likes tearing open paper bags?”

    But the leopard is reacting the same way my cat does, so I guess he DOES like it. …If “liking it” means “he gets stoned.”

    Shut UP, scientist brain!

  10. OMG…My son and had to laugh when we heard this…….Every time I took him to the zoo the Lions and Tigers would start roaring real loud and would climb high on the rocks…at times we wondered if they would jump out. My son would tell everyone about how the tigers would get when they saw me. He said,” It was my big hair ! “……..Now we know why. Obsession is my favorite, I have worn it for years. I also was approached by a Bobcat out in the wilderness….

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