A Word From The Jury Of Awesomeness

I have it from a rather reliable source, that the finalists have been chosen for the Wheaton/Scalzi fanfic contest! According to this anonymous source (who most assuredly doesn’t have three camera stalking cats and likes sunsets, nor writes award winning fiction and who doesn’t happen to be on hiatus at this very moment),  there will be an announcement in the next week or so.

Aren’t you just dying to know?

To tide you over, here’s a little ditty by my darling daughter to celebrate Wil’s involvement in the new season of the web series, “The Guild”.  If you haven’t seen it, you are truly missing out on one of the most creative and funny things on the web.

As an aside, I did promise John I won’t go all Kathy Lee Gifford on you guys, but I couldn’t pass this one up. Allyson’s only going to get older and I won’t be able to embarrass her like this anymore.

(If you look at the beginning of the comments, even Ms. Day herself liked it.)

16 Comments on “A Word From The Jury Of Awesomeness”

  1. Yea for finalists being chosen! I really do hope I’m one of them.

    And on the matter of the video, very cute, and she will probably never live it down for as long as she may live. Ah, the wonders of modern technology. So much easier to embarrass children will full video than just baby pictures. Even if those pictures are of you with blond hair in a sailor suit. Not that any pictures of me looking like that exist. (I made sure all of those were destroyed) :)

  2. Love this video! I shared it on my LJ. And my daughter remarked that she was glad You-Tube wasn’t around when she was little. I reminded her that we still have videos of her that could be posted at any time. Muahahahaha! (Just kidding, I wouldn’t do really do that to her.)

  3. That video was totally rad.

    This does make me eager to conspire to capture such moments on the video machine. For which to share with her prospective suitors down the road. And at her wedding.

  4. My daughter (age 4) was very excited to see your daughter sing. She wants her to come over for dinner. I explained that she probably does not live near Cincinnati. Thanks for sharing and let Allyson know she has a new friend in Cincinnati.

  5. Adorable! Thanks for sharing. (Kathy Lee who?)

    Exciting to know that there are contest finalists!

    There are such diverse ideas, checking out some of the entries has made me all the more curious to read not only the winning entry but also stories by Scalzi, Wheaton and the other authors. No, not trying to suck up to the powers that be. (OK, maybe just a little.) There are some really fun stories.

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments guys! Despite saying I embarrass her, Allyson loves seeing herself sing and dance. Future diva!

    10.) Adrienne C – I read Allyson your comment and now she’s all like, can we go to Cincinatti, please?


  7. The Jury of Awesomeness is, by definition, Awesome. The video is also, by definition, Awesome. Awesomeness is good.


    Waitasecond. Finalists, plural? As in, possibly more than one winner? Or is the jury merely teasing us in the course of their Awesome winnowing process?

  8. I wonder if they’ll publish a list of finalists.
    I have no delusion whatsoever that I’m going to win this, but I’d like to think I made it to the top 10. :)
    …or hundred? Maybe?

  9. The Guild is one of the funniest things online. Thanks for sharing your personal version.

  10. I have no delusions of winning, but I do hope Lupus Alliance of America gets a big win.

    I’ll post my entry online with a link to them and the project after it is done and urge others to do so. It is a worthy cause even if i am unworthy. :)

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