The Last Colony Wins A Seiun Award

The Last Colony recently took home the Japanese Seiun Award for Best Foreign Language Novel of the year. These awards celebrate the best work published in Japan for the previous year and are compared to the Hugos. You can find a list of all the winners here.

12 Comments on “The Last Colony Wins A Seiun Award”

  1. “Best Foreign Language Novel of the year?”
    In what language did Scalzi write this?


    Its a Japanese award. English would be a foreign language to them. Never mind.


  2. Mike @2, surely that should be Animé Animé Animé! given it’s just won a Japanese award ;)

    Congratulation to John on another well deserved win :)

  3. Hello from Slovakia
    I just finished your first book in series in a whole day (went to bed at 4 am), the OMW and I must say double-wow! Great style of writing, superb story line and visuals. Well in par with the big guns of sci-fi writing!
    I was just looking at few latest hugo awards, saw unknown to me Scalzi name, so lets check this guy out – and I could’t put the book down!
    Going to read the last colony today.

  4. We’ve had a bit more information about this year’s Seiuns come in at SF Awards Watch. The list of nominees for this year’s translated novel category is astonishingly good. The other books were Accelerando by Charlie Stross (Hugo nominee), Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge (Hugo winner), Perdido Street Station by China Mieville (Hugo nominee), The Yiddish Policeman’s Union by Michael Chabon (Hugo winner) and a single-volume edition of Nancy Kress’s Probability Trilogy, the final volume of which, Probability Space, won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. The Last Colony beat all of those. Be proud, John.

  5. mckitterick – Christopher McKitterick’s short work has appeared in Analog, Artemis, Captain Proton, Extrapolation, Mission Tomorrow, Mythic Circle, Ruins: Extraterrestrial, Sentinels: In Honor of Arthur C. Clarke, Synergy SF, Tomorrow SF, Visual Journeys, Westward Weird, and elsewhere. He is honored to have won the AnLab Readers Award. He’s a regular speaker on science fiction, futurism, and other topics. Chris recently finished a far-future novel, Empire Ship, and the first volume in the YA series, The Galactic Adventures of Jack & Stella. His debut novel, Transcendence, is now in its second printing. He is Chair of the (formerly known as) Campbell Award for best SF novel, Director of the Gunn Center for the Study of Science Fiction, and lives in Lawrence, Kansas, where he teaches writing and SF, restores old vehicles, and watches the sky. I mostly have this account to comment on others' blogs, but plan to do more with it one day! In the mean time, if you want to hang out, visit me on social media or my website:
    Chris McKitterick

    Congratulations, and well done, sir.

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