Daily Archives: August 10, 2010

The Big Idea: Ted Chiang

We all love our tech — heck, I’m still swooning over that Droid X phone I bought a couple of weeks ago — but do we love our tech the way we love a partner, or a parent, or a child, or even a pet? The answer to this is, probably not, and if we […]

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Choices, choices…

Marlowe expresses my feelings thoroughly.

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Kagan, the SCOTUS, and You!

Apologies for being a bit slow to react on some political stuff that’s happened lately. Moving is hard, moving is hard. There are many boxes; where the hell is my hammer? (With additional apologies to Li Po for butchering his lovely “The Hard Road” for my own sordid purposes.) So Elena Kagan has been sworn […]

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