Subterranean Press Movin’ Out Ebay Auctions

Bill Schafer over at Subterranean Press is moving into a larger warehouse and office space. 

He would love it if you would help lighten the moving truck. So in what you could call a win-win scenario, he’s put up a bunch of stock over at Ebay. Books are discounted from 50% to more than 70% off the regular retail price.

Bill also mentions that quanties are limited  on most titles, so don’t miss your opportunity to own some of the most beautiful and unique titles out on the market.

You might even notice a recently mentioned, signed, limited edition Seiun Award winner. Don’t take my word for it though, go see for yourself!

10 Comments on “Subterranean Press Movin’ Out Ebay Auctions”

  1. Thanks for the heads up! Popped over there and picked up a few signed editions. Woot!

  2. Would you believe that my copy of the aforementioned signed, limited edition Seiun Award winner arrived in the mail from Amazon just a few short days ago?

  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Kate! Picked up “TLC” for a steal!

    You’re doing a great job in Scalzi’s absence!

    – Tom (Who’s Usually Too Timid to Reply Here)

  4. Groovy! I’ve had Purple & Black on my list for a while but hadn’t gotten around to it yet.
    And…(purchasing)…now it’s off my list and on its way to me. :-) Thanks, Kate & Subterranean Press!

  5. Finally!

    While not a Whatever website exclusive deal (I found out from the Subterranean newsletter) at least I was not on vacation or away from the computer when it was put out like I have been on numerous past occasions.

    I was able to secure one of those signed limited editions by the Seiun Award winner. Yea!

    Side Note: Since signing up for the Subterranean Press newsletter I seem to have less cash on hand on more beautiful books on my shelves. Bill Schafer is not helping my retirement account one bit.

  6. Sweet! I picked up a Philip Jose Farmer novel I’ve never heard of before. Thanks for the heads-up…

  7. Lots of good stuff over there!

    I can’t find mention of it in the listings, and there doesn’t appear to be a comment area on the SubPress announcement, so I’ll ask here, knowing that Bill comes by:

    Will you give any consideration to combining shipping for multiple purchases?

  8. @ The Other Keith:

    Bill does combine shipping.

    If you order multiple copies of the same book, eBay combines shipping automatically (for Subpress auctions to Canada, $17 for the first book, $5 for each additional).

    If you order different books, it tries to charge you the same shipping for each book ($17 each). So instead of paying the automatic total, I click on the “Request Total” button on the payment page, with a note to Bill to asking for the combined shipping.

    I just ordered “The Club Dumas” and “Grave Peril”, the automatic total included $34 for shipping, and Bill sent me a revised total with only $22 for shipping.

  9. They stopped the auctions before everything had been sold due to being overwhelmed with emails. Hopefully, they will make the remaining stock live again since I didn’t place my order before going to bed on Thursday night and found them all gone Friday morning.