Here, have a sky

A perfect Brooklyn sky

Not the view from my new apartment, and not even today. This was taken from my old apartment’s balcony, last month sometime. Posting because the last 2 weeks have been unusually hazy and dreary, and generally poor photo-taking weather. I’m tired of waiting for it to clear up before I show you guys some of the sights in my ‘hood. Consider this a visual invocation of the kind of sky I want to see, which is more normal for Brooklyn.

It’s Friday. I’m writing my usual 2000 words, getting a pedicure, and reading volume 4 of Fumi Yoshinaga’s Tiptree-Award-winning manga Ooku. What are you doing?

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  1. Last day of (unpaid but awesome) summer internship, going back to (paid but boring) job Monday. Bleargh.

  2. hmm, the sky in Manhattan looks exactly like that right now. Your invocation must have worked, thanks!

  3. We [me and a nephew type who worked until 3:30 AM last night and just got back from a 8:30 AM dentist appt this morning] are trying to decide when to leave for the Jersey shore to meet up with twenty or so other relatives. Should we head out before 1:00 so we miss the traffic, or stay in town, have a leisurely dinner and go to a movie, then leave tomorrow at the crack of dawn, certainly no later than 7:00 AM, since any other time will be bumper to bumper. The problem is, he keeps falling asleep on the couch.

  4. Riding my bike to work, going to the gym, riding home, writing for a bit (try for at least 500 words, but more if I can), have dinner and watch the movie Kick Ass on Blu-ray which I borrowed from a friend.

    Tomorrow…. sleeping in.

  5. At work, writing away (a “Technology Strategy Document” – 47 pages and 18K words so far… ugh). Later I will have a multitude of project updates and budget reviews, then I will document the hacked-together implementation of Oracle Business Intelligence that we use for reporting.

    All in all, I’d rather be watching Kick Ass on Blu-Ray while getting a pedicure. However, after all this corporate drudgery, I do have a nice short commute home to my family and get to play in the pool with my kids all weekend. And next weekend we’ll be on the beach in Ogunquit (woo hoo!)

  6. Dealing with relationship issues… going to have brunch with friends then taking my friend to the airport this evening, and concluding with bbq.

  7. At work, enjoying the calm before next week, when 30,000 people come back to campus all at once and it gets really manic around here.

  8. It is a beautiful day here on Canada’s west coast. It’s supposed to get up to 30C/86F today and stay that way until next Thursday.

    I’m stuck in my “shop” fixing a couple of laptops, but I hope to be done by early this afternoon.

  9. I sitting here watching my students do a find a word puzzel of Countries of the World. This is the second day for students back at school for the 2010-2011 swchool year. I’m also remembering all the fun I had last weekend at NASFiC. It was a great convention!

  10. It’s humid and around 100F and sunny, as usual, here in S. TX. Getting ready for a doctor’s appointment (and going to ask if I can change doctors as this guy is a fool), and will probably run to the store. I need to stay indoors as much as possible since there’s a heat advisory. Typical summer. Wish it was around 80 or so so I could go outside. : (

  11. Ahh, it’s spa day. Pedicure, manicure, massage. Although I have a book hangover this afternoon since I was up til 9am finishing The Lies of Locke Lamora. That’s pretty much a perfect day.

  12. Finished work for the week after fighting with the internet for three hours this morning before I could get started for the day. Slow as, well, pick your comparison.

    Now getting ready to go out to visit the mother of a child I tutor, ahead of school starting, and then running over to the middle school where my roommate teaches to see her room, now that she’s about finished setting it up. I saw the work in progress earlier this week, and I’m anxious to see how it all turned out. She’s got it looking like the inside of an aquarium, with lots of cool blues to calm the kids down (if she’s lucky…she teaches the kids who’ve gotten kicked out of their regular classes).

    Then, I might go to a baseball game tonight. Either that, or I’ll go watch the SCA fighters practice. Either way will be a fun time.

  13. Hmm… just finishing the second Omnibus of Gaunt’s Ghosts (Warhammer 40000) of the Black Library, written by Dan Abnett. It’s just entertainment-driven literature, unless the maniac, all-pervading and incessant violence that it holds in each and every page, is your thing, in which case well, there not much to say there. :-)

  14. I’ve read the second Gaunt’s Ghosts Omnibus as well, and your right, it’s just manic violence on a grand scale. Which is alright now and then. Most of the 40K books are like that, so at least you know what’s in store when you pick one up.

    Addendum to my earlier plans. Looks like I’m going out for dinner with friends and then who knows what. Love living in a small city with at least 3 good Thai restaurants.

  15. Today I packed for my two week trip to Arizona and Colorado (long way away from Amsterdam) and tomorrow morning I’m flying out.

    I also just came back from jamming for three hours with my band and am in dire need of shower now.

    I also came up with the word scatharsis, which is the feeling of relief you get after going to the bathroom.

  16. I’m about halfway through Season 5 of LOST, which I’d never seen at all until a few weeks ago.

  17. Yesterday when I read this I was finishing up an analytical essay on the Grapes of Wrath. I currently sit here researching Ooku. If all goes well I should have 1-4 by next week.

    My mother hates manga though… so getting a new series might be a problem!

  18. Thank you, that’s a very nice sky. Ours is much hazier than that today, as we’re into day 2 of a hot spell (well, 35 C is hot for the Upper Left Coast of the US, which is where I’m at). Friday, when you posted that sky, I was shopping for a replacement coffee maker. The one I’d had for 10 years died the real death on Monday, and as caffeine is as close to an elixir of life as I know about, it wouldn’t do to go too many days without a way to make more. As for today, I had intended to catch up on reading various blogs, but my internet connection was down, and I had to run around propitiating various network entities until it worked again.

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