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Sunset over Brooklyn

My camera is old, and one of the first things on my “stuff to buy when I next have a windfall” list is a digital SLR. But the old clunker still manages to capture some things just right. This isn’t today, which is gray and dreary; I took this a couple of days ago, from the window of the new apartment. Now imagine gazing at this while listening to John Coltrane’s “Equinox”, and you’ll know what a perfect Brooklyn sunset feels like.

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  1. I’d get out of bed for that every morning. Or turn the bed so I could see it from the comfort of my blankets.

    Life is all about the details.

  2. K.W. @2,

    No, haven’t gotten that far in my dreaming. Partly because what I really want is to learn how to do HDR, and I’m not sure what SLR is best for that. But that will require a windfall of both money and time.

  3. Mark @6,

    Sunsets are an accumulation of riches, IMO, not a competition. Can one fire opal be more beautiful than another? Sure. But why not just admire both?

    That said, I got to enjoy the AZ sunsets a few years ago, when I went to Canyon de Chelly to view Anasazi ruins as part of my SLF travel grant trip. You’re right; it’s vast and strange and wonderful out there.

  4. It doesn’t do much for the “time” problem, but as far as “money” goes, we have finally gotten to the point where good used digital SLRs are available at reasonable prices. I got a Canon 10D from KEH camera brokers last fall for $250, which is pretty close to the price for a new point-and-shoot. For reference, the 10D was a $2000 camera up until about four years ago, and is still a very nice piece of hardware. It may be only 6 megapixels, but the quality of the pixels is very high.

    As long as there are pros, semi-pros, and people with more money than sense selling off their old gear to get the cutting-edge stuff, I see no real reason why an amateur should have to pay more than a few hundred dollars for a perfectly good digital SLR.

  5. I’ve been taking a bunch of sunrise photos lately, a new digital SLR is on my to-buy list right after a new TV (bigger apartment means the smallest 1080p screen no-money can buy is now no longer big enough). I still think an old camera can do a good job, however it took a lot of effort to get the colour balance right (ISO 200 and Cloudy-day gets the right golds).

  6. I like the detail of the church on the left side with the lighted cross. Not for any particular religious significance, it’s just an interesting framing. A dark city with a lone lighted cross.

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