Kate Baker

The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

(If you haven’t seen it already, that is.)

You can either watch it here on the Whatever, or click on the video for higher resolution and explanation. I stumbled upon it during lunch and have watched it a few times. Students of the visual arts continue to amaze me. The rendering and editing of this video took a gentleman by the name of Alexander Lehmann three years to complete. It’s well worth your few minutes especially if you are SF and/or disaster film addict like I am. (Don’t ask.)

The music is pretty awesome D&B too!

John Anderson

Exciting News for Bryan Fuller Fans: Scripting a Pilot for SyFy

The news apparently broke last Thursday, but it only just came to my attention this morning that Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me fame has signed on to write the pilot episode of what could become a new SyFy series.  The pilot will be based on John Christopher’s 1969 SF novel The Lotus Caves, which the SyFy press release describes as being “about colonists who rebel against the rigidity of their lunar colony by exploring beyond its proscribed boundaries and discovering a series of caves ruled by a super-intelligent, alien species.”

I’ll freely admit that I’m unfamiliar with the title or author, but I ordered a copy of the out-of-print title within moments of hearing the news of Fuller’s involvement with the project, and expect I’ll be reading it in the not-too-distant future.  If you’re a fellow Fuller fan in the market for a copy, get thee to the mighty and score yourself one before news of the proposed TV series spreads, potentially triggering an increase in the price of the book.

What this news means for the long-rumored Pushing Daisies comic book series that Fuller has been reported as writing for DC Comics, however, I can’t say.  I’d like to think that the comics project hasn’t been scuttled though, as I’d truly love to see that wonderful, and wonderfully original, TV series given the proper ending that it (and its fans) deserves.

If anybody knows more about the status of what was reported as being a 12-issue Pushing Daisies series Fuller was going to write for DC, by all means, please share the (hopefully good) word!

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