…I got nothin’.

Photographed on the Lower East Side, near the Delancey Street F station:

A knitted bike cozy? Was it cold?

So… yeah. I guess we can consider this an open thread.

30 Comments on “…I got nothin’.”

  1. I think that is what is known as yarn-bombing amongst those who play with sticks and hooks.

  2. Art bike! Dude! Radical! I’ve seen art cars, motorcycles, even modded-up scooters, but that’s the first I’ve seen something pedal powered tricked out like that! wow.

  3. Damn those crochet taggers, knittin’ up the city. The worst part of it is, you’ve only got a continuous week or two to catch ’em in the act.

  4. That’s actually a form of flora known as Yarnza. Its and invasive species. Grows like a vine on steroids. Been known to take down telephone poles and powerlines if not properly dealt with.

    In a few months, it’ll drag that sign down too. And any car that’s parked next to it for too long.

    I’m afraid the bike is probably beyond salvaging…

  5. I’d never heard yarn bombing – up here it’s called guerilla knitting. Both awesome. :)

  6. to the poster who had never heard of art bikes, madison wi does a whole art bike parade ride thing every year. it’s awesome.

  7. So I know that most of you probably don’t care, but most of what you are looking at in that google search and the picture shown here are crocheted, not knit. There is a very good reason for this, crocheting takes WAY less time then knitting does, so if you are going to do something huge and completely silly, crochet is a better bet.

  8. Wow – you know, I’ve never seen one of those in its pupal stage before. Fascinating stuff.

  9. that’s right around the corner from me. It looked better before it unraveled in the weather

  10. It looks like some one hitched an improbability drive to a bicycle and has only started to return to normality. I’ve got the strangest urge to look around for two small white mice looking for questions…

  11. One who speaks but does not want to be spoken too; levy heavy judgments at those who judge, pretentiously feeding the egos of kittens wanting to lap the milk of fame. Its easy to assert that faux intellectualism is not to blame, nor is it holding ones’ self out as a paragon of Babellian virtue. – Hehe, sorry, my best off the cuff China M. channel. Will you read before you delete? Will you understand? This will be the only, and last exchange of ideas between us.

  12. Wish I could delete the last two posts. For some reason the links aren’t correct. fb so sucks. But in the last post if you click the link then click previous on the page you’ll see the pic of the earlier more intact version of the yarn bike.

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