Happy Caturday

It’s been ages since anyone has posted any cat pictures around these parts, so I stole this from John’s super sekrit stash. You’re welcome.

How do you hope to spend your Caturday?

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  1. I haven’t woken up yet today. I’ve been watching Alias since midnight. And yay, cats.

  2. Pretty much like I am right now: on the computer, with a cat on my lap. *g* I have backlogged photos to plow through (I’m a concert photographer, lots and lots of pictures of musicians), and a couple of websites to update.

  3. pressing “refresh” like a rat at a feeder bar to see what Chang Who Is Not Chang has to say about this.


  4. I always wonder why cats like sinks. My mother’s cat, Peppy, who is about as fluffy as Ghlaghghee, is also a sink-sitter. I guess it’s a nice cat-sized hollow, and is cool during the summer — important when you are a fluffy cat.

  5. Couple of errands to run before the monsoons return this afternoon. Contemplating one errand will be to my favorite cookware store, where I will spend more money then I’d planned.

    Of course it will be after Car Talk and Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me are over.

  6. Last minute wedding preparations (two weeks from tomorrow is the big day). Taking my parents’ overweight cat to the groomer. Trying not to rip into the pile of books I have for my beach reading. Listening to U2 at loud volumes.

  7. Got up early and bathed the cat whose tongue doesn’t function properly, because of a tumor that anchors it to the floor of his mouth. The tumor was supposed to have killerated him at least a month ago, but instead he is almost 100% healthier, except for the malfunctioning tongue, which affects his abilities to drink and to clean himself. So I’m in charge of the bathing (and of giving him extra water via syringe), and Saturday morning has become bath time. We have both mostly dried off from today’s bath, and he’s resting from the exertion. Me too, I guess.

    I wish I could get hold of one of those giant cat tongues, like in the Kliban cartoon.

  8. Writing a book: not a fun book full of interesting characters having exciting adventures; rather a book about how to edit PDF documents (actually, that IS fun, too, but not the same kind of fun).

    Alas, no cats. Manic hummingbirds attacking the feeder and each other, but no cats—though I’m sure if there were some here, they would enjoy watching the aerial combat.

  9. Rolling out of bed after 11:00AM after seeing the late show of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Awesome, awesome movie, definitely recommended that everyone go see it now before it’s out of theaters. I’ve got my regular kendo class this afternoon at 2:00PM, then get dinner made and spend the rest of the evening writing, watching TV, and generally enjoying my Saturday. I’m really glad I don’t have any running around to do, as I did not expect to sleep in so late.

  10. Teaching a Stage Combat workshop. Making sure all my other classes are ready for the upcoming week. Drinking sangria. Pretty much in that order.

  11. Well, let’s see.

    Got all the cleaning done by 0800, although I see the lawn needs attention. We have not really had any rain for about two months, except for last night. I’m amazed at how fast grass recovers and starts growing like there is no tomorrow.

    What else…

    Finally found a buyer for my old A/V control receiver and surround sound system. When that deal is said and done, I see a little Saturday afternoon visit to the pub.

    Hope everyone else has a great Caturday.

  12. Of course, in this wonderful age of the Internets, we need not wait on Scalzi or his minions to see cats in sinks. We can instead go to:


    And gorge beyond the point of wretched excess.

    On the other hand, I’m sure CwinC would want me to note that the cats there are obviously vastly inferior to Magnificent She.

  13. Woken up appropriately enough by my own fluffy diva clawing my feet into submission so that she could settle for her post-breakfast nap.

    Have since spent the day trying to write, with interruptions for cat-treats, grooming, fussing, more cat-treats, and just some general yowling because it is raining and that is obviously my fault…

    My cat has not yet settled in the sink. She expresses her displeasure with the bad weather by weeing in the bath.

  14. Monsieur Napoleon Bonaparte (aka Bony) was yelling at me about where’s my breakfast from the back lanai at 6:30 this morning. Going down to the library to work in about 45 min. Yesterday I replaced 2 damaged shingles on my roof. Days off are home improvement days :P

  15. Serving the cats, a lemon-eyed British Bombay with enhanced guilt-inducing technology for when I’m paying attention to the American shorthair.

    Every day is Caturday, usually, in my house.

  16. don’t remember the details (would have to ask my wife the vet again) but it has something to do with the shape of the sink is comfortable for cats, if you look a lot of cat stands and such have a u-shaped or bowl shaped depressions

  17. metalupis@21:

    I’ve found they fit in anything. Used to have a New England Polydactyl that liked to curl up in a Dunkin Donuts box…

  18. and now it’s time for the post-Caturday call to Roto-Rooter. “Wow that’s a lot of hair. What, does you cat sleep in the sink?”

  19. One of my housemates once had a cat who would curl up on the stove, in the cast-iron skillet. I think it was probably warm from the pilot light. It was a truly disconcerting thing to find, first thing in the morning, when you weren’t quite awake yet.

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