Love ‘The Wire’ and ‘Toy Story’? This Post’s for You…

N.K.’s posting of Inception parodies the other day reminded me of what may very well be my favorite movie mash-up to date.  For my fellow fans of both The Wire and Toy Story, especially those of you who aren’t represented as being among the nearly 300,000 hits the video has seen to date on YouTube, you’re in for a treat, and it’s my pleasure to serve it up.

If, like me, you regard The Wire as being the Greatest Show in the History of Television (yes, I realize I’m hardly alone in thinking this, and if you’re not a fan, or you haven’t gotten around to checking it out, I’m sure it’s beyond tiresome to hear someone else make that claim at this point, but for what it’s worth, I’m probably in the minority of those who say it who believed the show had the potential to become exactly that pretty much from the moment the end credits rolled on the night the first episode aired …because yes, it’s true, I’m all about the writing, and I was already predisposed to love the show given the involvement of two of my favorite writers, David Simon and George Pelecanos… and when the series later went on to also feature teleplays by the likes of Richard Price and Dennis Lehane, well that only served as so much icing on an already delicious cake), and especially if you also happen to love Toy Story (and really, does anyone who’s ever seen it not love Toy Story?), get ready to be happy.

Two final notes, and then I’ll finally shut up and leave you to it.  Note the first is that if you haven’t seen The Wire (and, specifically, the first season), what follows will probably be, at best, mildly amusing, so you might want to take a pass.  Note the second is that, while the images herein are all from Toy Story and are thus suitable for all ages, the dialogue is all from The Wire (and, it must be said, the syncing herein of characters/scenes from The Wire with characters/scenes from Toy Story is pure genius), and you should thus be warned that “earmuffs” may be necessary depending on your particular viewing circumstances, as there are several bombs launched herein, and some of them are of the “F” variety.


6 Comments on “Love ‘The Wire’ and ‘Toy Story’? This Post’s for You…”

  1. Thanks so very much for showing this. I just about put the fear of death into my kids with all the laughing I was doing. THE WIRE, as you stated, is the best show on TV ever and I couldn’t help but bust a gut watching Woody and Buzz spout Wire-words.

  2. Fun. It felt a bit haphazard at points, but it’s difficult to get the story impact of The Wire in little bits.

    The last shot is golden, though.

    Really, though. Nothing beats the WALL-e/Watchmen Mashup.

  3. Huuuh… I’m not seeing the funny, and I’ve watched all five seasons of the Wire multiple times. Nice idea, but a shoddy execution. That Inception/Toy Story mashup was far more successful.

  4. The last 5 seconds truly made it for me. Zerg as Omar, I nearly died laughing.

    Also: the dog doing Clay Davis’ “Sheeeeeit”? Perfect.

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