John’s Worldcon Schedule

Hey, folks:

For those of you coming to AussieCon4 in a couple of weeks and are wondering what my schedule will be, here’s what I’m doing and when.

Thu 9/2 1500 Rm 201: Kaffeeklatsche
Notes: This is where I sit around a table with about ten or so folks and talk about me me me me me me me. For these you typically have to sign up on a signup sheet and they’re first come, first served. This Kaffeeklatsche is very early in convention (for perspective, the Opening Ceremonies are at 2pm/1400), so if you want to be in on it, remember to come early to the convention.

Fri 9/3 1100 Rm 201: Signing
Notes: You bring the books, I’ll bring me (and a pen). Note that I have a panel directly after this signing slot so if you want a signed book, coming earlier is better than later, and I’ll probably limit folks to three signed objects at a time (you can always get back in line).

Fri 9/3 1200 Rm 219: Making a living: Professional writing for speculative fiction authors
“For many writers of science fiction and fantasy, the money earned from her or his craft is never enough with which to make a living. What other opportunities are there to earn a sustainable income? A look at ways to earn many as a professional writer outside of the speculative fiction markets.”
Cory Doctorow, John Scalzi, George Ivanoff, Jennifer Fallon
Notes: Because, as I’m fond of telling people, multiple revenue streams are your friends.

Fri 9/3 1500 Rm 203: What is the SFWA?
“Find out about the SFWA and what it does.”
Notes: This is meant to be a very informal and informational session for both current and potential members to catch up on what SFWA’s doing at the moment and what it offers to writers. It’s not a business meeting — we’ll be having that at World Fantasy — just a way for me to say hello as the President. Overseas Director Sean Williams may also be there, his schedule permitting. Everyone is welcome. Also, “SFWA,” not “the SFWA.”

Sat 9/4 1000 Rm 210: Videogames as art
“In early 2010 noted film critic Roger Ebert famously stated ‘no videogame can be art’. His comment sparked off a wave of discussion, outrage, disagreement and debate, but the question still remains: can videogames be art? How do we define quality art in games? What are the best examples of ‘high art’ games?”
K. A. Bedford, Foz Meadows, John Scalzi
Notes: Video games are TOTALLY art. And now, let’s all have snacks.

Sat 9/4 1200 Rm P3: The future is overtaking us
“Science fiction used to be a means of extrapolating today’s technology and society, and predicting the future. More and more often, however, our ideas of the future simply aren’t turning true. What happens when the real world starts advancing faster than the imaginations of science fiction writers?”
Kim Stanley Robinson, John Scalzi, Mike Scott, Norman Cates
Notes: Hey, the sooner I get my rocket car to the moon, the better.

Sat 9/4 1500 Rm 211: Reading
Notes: Apparently all the reading slots are 30 minutes long, which actually means 20 minutes in order for people to get in and get out of a room. I think a 20-minute reading slot is a bit silly, but hey. To make it all up for you, I’ll write something specially for the occasion, which no one else will have ever heard, ever. And it will probably be funny, because that’s how my short bits usually roll.

Sun 9/5 1700 Rm 204: Talking it on the chin: authors and reviews
“Sooner or later, every author is going to receive a bad review. Bad reviews hurt, and it’s often hard not to take them personally. How should authors react to negative reviews? How can  you tell the difference between a review that’s negative one that’s actually unfair – and what can or should you do about it if it is?”
John Berlyne, Jean Johnson, Karen Miller, John Scalzi
Notes: This could be a fun one, not just because of the topic but because it’s a couple of hours before the Hugo ceremony and I’m likely to be a nervous wreck.

Sun 9/5 2000 MCEC Main Plenary Hall: Hugo Awards Ceremony
Notes: Wish me luck.

Mon 9/6 1200 Rm 204: Losing the plot: plotting in advance vs. writing as you go
“For some authors, the most important aspect of writing a story or novel is preparing a meticulously constructed plot. For others, the appeal of writing comes from developing the  story on the fly, and allowing the plot to develop as they go. What are the benefits and drawbacks of each approach, and the best techniques for plotting in a chosen way?”
Stephen Dedman, John Scalzi, Melinda M. Snodgrass
Notes: As a spoiler, I just make things up as I go along. It’s not really a spoiler, I’ve been telling people this for years.

Mon 9/6 1400 Rm 210: Shared universes and united visions
“Wild Cards, the Cthulhu mythos, the DC and Marvel Universes and Forgotten Realms: self- contained fictional worlds with multiple creators. What are the creative opportunities when  a group of writers collaborate on a unified fictional universe, each writing their own works but feeding into a common backstory and environment? What are the drawbacks and challenges?”
Sean Williams, John Scalzi, Alan Stewart
Notes: I imagine I’m on this panel because of METAtropolis.

When I’m not doing these things I am likely to be at whichever bar people end up deciding to hang out at, up at the SFWA Suite, or possibly, you know, sleeping. They say you should every now and again at a Worldcon. Maybe I’ll try it this time.

See you there!

11 Comments on “John’s Worldcon Schedule”

  1. “I think a 20-minute reading slot is a bit silly,”

    Its a standard length at smaller conventions so perhaps its a scale up.

    Anticipation had 60 miutes but it was a joint session.

  2. Membership at Worldcon – A$345.
    Return flights from Sydney to Melbourne – A$200
    Somehow forgetting that Worldcon goes for a whole extra day and booking a flight back to Sydney on Sunday evening before the Hugos – priceless.

    I’ll just have to make the most 3 days I have I guess. I wasn’t going to lug a load of books down to Melbourne for signings but I may have to make an exception for Mr Scalzi. Charlie Stross and Alistair Reynolds are doing signings in Sydney so there’s a couple of door stoppers I won’t have to carry down.

  3. WHEE!

    Is there a limit to how many books can get signed? I have three hardcovers I’d like emblazoned. (TGE, Android’s Dream, Metatropolis) *sheepish*

  4. You know, it’s really cool seeing that someone that you know is on a panel with one of your favourite authors – although I guess that is part of what Worldcons are for!

  5. Sure, rub it in that you get to go to the land of the Poison Frogs while I shall be in the land of the Death Sun.

    Actually since I am one of the guests at CopperCon that weekend, I suppose they would be a bit miffed if I went to Australia instead.

    Hug Seanan for us, and remember if she wins the Campbell you are to adress her as “Queen of the Poison Frogs”.