I can haz sunbeam?

Harriet has been felled by sunshine

20 Comments on “I can haz sunbeam?”

  1. Wait, is your cat actually wired up to provide power to your laptop? Because I’m pretty sure solar lolcats are the first sign of the impending singularity…

  2. I like how the wire is just right in the way and it’s not as if his paws are touching it – it’s touching his paws. And he’s not really getting the wire, because, of course, he’s not allowed to get cords so he’d never do that. It’s literally on his paw and when it’s getting all on your paw, what can you do? I mean, right?

  3. I can’t imagine it would be very ethical to use cats as a power source, even if it meant saving the planet from Al’s global climate change.

  4. Aww, look at that sun-warmed stripy tummy! I just want to pet it, even though I suspect it would be a Very Bad Idea ™.

    In other news, your cat has learned to transmit telepathic sleepy waves through the internetz.

  5. You think you can keep us calm with gratuitous kitty cuteness? Do you?

    Well played MRK, well played.

  6. I need for daily feline cuteness has been sated. Many Thanks.

    I suddenly feel tired. Do you guys feel tired?

  7. That’s ok if your cat is not an albino. We just noticed that our 8 month old white cat’s ears had weeping bumps on them. Took him to the vet and found out that he is an albino cat. Now we have to put sunscreen on his ears each day.

  8. Must disconnect power to laptop before owner researches recipies in “To Serve Catkind”…oh, wait, time for a nap…

  9. @Mary Robinette Kowal: I suppose that is a true thing, though not one I’d ever considered. Relatedly, I saw a cheetah paint with its feet at Wildlife Safari last weekend, and they purr *really* loud. Might be worth considering if you’re looking to harness the power of kittehs.

  10. always has been.

    and my kitty, who looks remarkably like the pictured kitty (albeit I think Zeus is larger kitty) loves having him belly rubbed. But then, so long as you’re rubbing or petting pretty much any portion of him, he’s purry with that.