Caption Contest Winner

Movieguy @ Comment 79 wins it! I’ll send you an email to which you can reply with your home address for the books!

It was a really tough choice to pick the winner. Ultimately, Movieguy’s comment made me laugh as I thought about the famous scene between Jack and Rose on the ill-fated Titanic.

Honorable Mentions include:

Mordron: Put the money on the dresser….no don’t hand it to me…put it on the dresser.

Latasha Ewell: Well, it all started a few years ago… when he taped bacon on me.

SarahB: Youz want me tah do whut?! Dat’s it, whut kinda maguhzeen is dis?

Thank you to everyone for participating!

5 Comments on “Caption Contest Winner”

  1. Yay! Honorable mention. :)
    And, actually, I chuckled at the Titanic-esque caption myself. Nice one.

  2. Hey! yeah I’m movie guy and thanks everyone for the comment! The honorable mentions are pretty good too. The Titanic comment came to me as soon as I saw the picture! I’m pretty excited that I won!! wooohoooo

  3. Hello, writers:

    I want to congratulate my Son-in-Law, # Cole, D.
    He is an excellent writer and I wish himall the success in the world.


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