Okay, DragonCon is a blast. Internet connectivity sucks as usual with a convention this size, so updates will be brief.Yesterday, I am pretty sure that George Lucas was roaming the halls of the Marriott. He was standing next to Chad Vader, while wearing a Jar Jar tee shirt. I do have a picture and will try to post it tonight.

I also went to Mary Robinette Kowal’s reading as well. It was highly entertaining. If you ever have a chance to hear her read, take advantage of it.

As usual, the costumes here are fantastic. This con is as much for people watching as it is for everything else. More updates soon!

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  1. My feet, however, are killing me. The Con sprawls over FIVE (5!!) hotels this year, and there’s the population of a small city running round them. Concourses and lobbies are pretty badly jammed (Dude, did you have to stop in the middle of the traffic to snap photos of that girl’s costume? Seriously?) Real Soylent Green levels of crowding; fire marshal must be having 7 kinds of fits.

    The individual panels, and the corridors leading to the conference rooms containing them, are little oases of peace and not-crowdedness. Beautiful, beautiful costumes everywhere, including in the food court of the adjacent mall, and on the streets. Atlanta is not just tolerant of “freaks and geeks”, it welcomes us! Someone, sometime figured out that having 30-40,000 extra customers drop in for Labor Day weekend is Really Good For Business; most of the nearby stores, pubs and restaurants have “Atlanta welcomes Dragon*Con” signs in the windows.

    Seriously fun times.

  2. The newly-seated 2012 Worldcon, Chicon 7, announced today that they’ve reached a co-programming agreement with Dragon*Con with Skype videos, cross-GoH events, and more.

    Better yet, our very own Whatever host John Scalzi is Chicon 7’s Toastmaster! John stepped into the job immediately, announcing Chicon 7’s Guests of Honor:

    Mike Resnick, Author
    Rowena Morrill, Artist
    Story Musgrave, Astronaut
    Peggy Rae Sapienza, Fan
    Jane Frank, Industry

    Chicon 7 website.

  3. Yup, my feet gave out about 4 today and I headed home after an amusing time eating dinner in the food court.

    I’ve got to say more local residents came downtown to the parade than ever this year, the trains were JAMPACKED by the time we got to the station by the hotels. Which is pretty cool.

    Next year I WILL somehow get a hotel room downtown, at least that way I can go take a nap when I need to…and attend the late night festivities (trains stop at 12:30 AM, making it hard to get home from the late parties).

  4. Heh. The fire marshal DID have fits. Security was much more thorough about checking for badges and hotel room keys, at least on Sunday night.

    Don’t forget to Google for DragonconTV to see all those little bumper videos you missed or couldn’t hear over the crowd noise. ;-)

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