Is It or Isn’t It?

There is some debate as to whether it was actually him. What do you think? George Lucas or a really good doppleganger?

Here’s another.

31 Comments on “Is It or Isn’t It?”

  1. I’m gonna vote “reeeaaally good Doppleganger”.
    Too young, and neck thing isn’t pouffy enough.
    Very good likeness, though.

  2. Add one vote for Doppleganger. The guy in your picture looks about 30 years too young. And his hair is different — curlier and the front is styled different.

  3. How could this possibly be George Lucas? George would never descend to the realm of groundings. Why would he? What could entice him to leave his world?

  4. Oh yeah, doppelganger.

    The real Lucas now has a bull frog throat that can produce a call that is heard throughout the country.

    The doppelganger, while valiantly putting forth an effort, does not have nearly the magnificence of the true throat.

  5. Saw him in the Star Wars section of the DragonCon parade. Said “holy crap, is that George Lucas walking with all those Boba Fetts?”. And then I realized the real one wouldn’t have walked at the end of the parade, as a, y’know, commoner.

  6. Nope — lookalike. But that sure as hell is Darth Vader! I think.

    (I’m absolutely positive, however, that’s Thing from the Addams Family in the second pic.)

  7. I’ve run across Lucas once or twice (not in any personal or professional capacity; just an occupational hazard of living in the Bay area) — that’s definitely not him, unless he’s lost 40 pounds and gained back a decade of hairline.

  8. Kate -Now I’m thinking we’ve passed each other at some time today.

    And the GL double has been in the parade for a couple of years now.

  9. I think I saw this guy (or another Lucas lookalike – but really, how many can there be?) sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting to get on a flight to San Fransisco about a year ago. He gave me one of those “You’re staring at me, so I’ll stare back” looks. It would have been awkward if it had lasted more than the few seconds it took me to walk past the gate.

  10. It’s a doppleganger. It’s a friend of mine named George Starkey from here in Indianapolis. He’s played Lucas in several fan films; I’m convinced it’s why he keeps the beard. But I know for a fact he’s at D*Con & I recognize the shirt he’s wearing. Sorry to disappoint.

  11. I know; I’m a buzzkill. ;-). But I love when this happens. I think I find it almost as amusing as George does. You should see him when he’s dressed in his Jedi robes.

  12. OK, that joke was already in.
    This one then:
    This guy is taking cosplaying to a whole new level!

  13. It’s George Lucas. I can tell from some of the pixels and having seen a lot of George Lucases in my day.

  14. Well, you’re right on the “George” part. :)

    And that’s CHAD Vader behind me. Yes, THE Chad Vader.

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