Congrats to the Hugo Winners!

Alas, I am not one of them this year — but that’s OK, because I never expected to be nominated in the first place; being nominated truly is its own honor. And alas, John is not one of them either (he was up for best novella for The God Engines). But believe me, the folks who won all deserve it.

The ceremony just ended, though I’ll admit I did not get up at 5 a.m. to watch it being liveblogged. Figured I’d save myself the suspense and either wake up to a nice surprise — or get the disappointment over with, feed the cat, and go back to bed. Regardless, the full list of winners can be found at Replicating it here to spread the word (below the cut).

My quickie, pre-coffee reactions: I’m really glad “Moon” beat out “District 9” and “Avatar”. Extremely happy that Girl Genius won its category. I do wish my buddy Saladin Ahmed had won the Campbell, but I like Seanan McGuire too after reading her zombie apocalypse story (written as Mira Grant) Feed. Yay for Clarkesworld winning best semiprozine, but I’m a little biased there, since they bought my nominated story. (Kinda hoped Weird Tales would win, too — they’ve also bought one of my stories. And I’m featured in Locus this month, so I would’ve been happy if they’d won too. Are you detecting a theme here?) One big surprise in the Best Novel category — a tie! China Mieville and Paolo Bacigalupi both won. I like both books, so I’m very happy.

Your thoughts?

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