Daily Archives: September 15, 2010


Whatever reader Ed Powell decided to name his new kitty after one of my characters, so naturally I felt I should show you a picture of said adorable creature. Meet Zoë: Ed writes: Her story is that, about two months ago, she was a kitten found behind the local Applebee’s which I frequent.  One of […]

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How to Lose the House

Just for fun, I’m going to go off on the Democrats today. Nate Silver over at Five Thirty Eight now estimates that there is a two in three chance that the House will go into Republican hands in the next session, and while my own (rather less statistically robust) estimation is that the odds are […]

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Changing the World, One Science Fiction Movie at a Time

Over at Filmcritic.com, I am asked: Can a science fiction movie really change the world? My answer — which as you may guess from the photo does involve Star Wars in some way — awaits you there. As always, if you have something you’d like to add to my ruminations, the comment thread there years […]

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