Whatever reader Ed Powell decided to name his new kitty after one of my characters, so naturally I felt I should show you a picture of said adorable creature. Meet Zoë:

Ed writes:

Her story is that, about two months ago, she was a kitten found behind the local Applebee’s which I frequent.  One of the managers took her home, took her to the vet and got her cleaned up.  The problem was, her existing cat didn’t like having a bouncy youngster around, and her husband named the kitten “Gone”.  So, she knew I was looking to adopt a new cat (having had to put my eldest cat down about a year ago now).  So, new kitten.  Had her for a bit over a month now.

She’s definitely a keeper, Zoë is. And of course, heaps of good karma go to Ed for helping out a kitten in need. Here’s to a long and adorable life. Her namesake would be proud.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Awwwww!!!!! Some day we will own a residence, and will be permitted to own cats, and will be rescuing lost little kitties from the animal shelter… Until then, I am always glad to hear such tails. *g*

Such a pretty kitten – I love the mix of red and brown tabby.
I was just able to adopt a rescued kitten a couple months back, to keep my 7-year old boy company. Homeownership is a wonderful thing when it means you can take in another creature.

Cute cat, will you be inundated with requests to post pictures of cats that are named after you characters now? Will you do it if they have bacon on their person (the cats, not the submitters)? Will you have to create a new site dedicated to cats named after your characters? What about the dogs? Think of the dogs.

Does a cat care what you call it as long as you don’t call it late to dinner?

A picture is worth quite a few questions.


My brain thoroughly mis-parsed “Whatever reader Ed Powell decided to name his new kitty…” so that I expect the rest of the sentence to be something like “…it was going to be overridden by his children” or “…he knew he’d have to be clever to get it by his landlord.” The actual rest of the sentence was the mental equivalent of stumbling over a cat in the dark.

That looks a lot like my cat Ponyo. She was acquired last June in a daring rescue in rush hour traffic on an elevated freeway in downtown Houston, literally snatched at the last moment before being crushed under speeding tires. Dehydrated, hair and whiskers mysteriously singed, she appeared to be about two months old. She has since become quite the pest but I love her for it.

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