Technical Note (Update: Mail From Last 24 Hours Gone, Please Resend)

Apparently my e-mail is acting funky today. I’m trying to fix it, but for now if you sent me e-mail in the last 24 hours I may not have gotten it.

Update: My e-mail box was basically totally locked up so I went ahead and reset it. Which means that if you sent me e-mail in the last day, it’s probably gone forever and unread. If it’s really important, go ahead and resend it. If it’s not really import, shed a tear for it and move on. I will too. It’s hard, I know.

7 Comments on “Technical Note (Update: Mail From Last 24 Hours Gone, Please Resend)”

  1. See! This is what happens when the Great Scalzi attempts to make sense out of politics! You messed up the intarwebz man! We’re all DOOMED*!

    *This message of fear brought to you by Fox News. Fox News**: Merchants in fear and sex since 1999.

    **Glenn Beck does not endorse this message. He does, however, consider Scalzi to be a godless communist/socialist/ist-ist who is a rather good author…

  2. Dang, and I had just sent you the secret to life, the universe, and everything. I was hoping you still had a copy, as I lost mine. Oh well. Guess there are things man was just not meant to know.

  3. Are you sure those emails aren’t just held up at the Post Office for postage due? I had to pay 40 cents to collect a part I ordered from a computer place last week. Real professional.