Daily Archives: September 17, 2010

It Really Was Inevitable, Wasn’t It

Proof for you that for at least one of my works, I was paid in bacon: As I’ve said to others, the real challenge here is to figure out how to give my agent his 15% when he’s both a vegetarian and an observant Jew. (The actual answer: Take the retail value of the Bacon […]

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Black Sheep

I’ve been off doing actual work today — I know! That never happens! — and now I’m a bit tuckered out, so here, have a song that’s been burrowing through my head for the last month or so: This is the version from Metric, the band which actually wrote and recorded it, but the probably […]

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The Big Idea: A.R. Rotruck

Do you remember what you were like when you were a kid? You think you do, of course, but do you really? After all, it’s been a while for most of us. For author A.R. Rotruck, the question had relevance: in creating her new book, Young Wizard’s Handbook, she was aiming to inform and entertain […]

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