Black Sheep

I’ve been off doing actual work today — I know! That never happens! — and now I’m a bit tuckered out, so here, have a song that’s been burrowing through my head for the last month or so:

This is the version from Metric, the band which actually wrote and recorded it, but the probably better known version of it is the one sung by Brie Larson in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, which you can find here (it’s not embeddable). The Metric version is slightly more cool and sinister; the Brie Larson version is a little more slutty and poppy. Both are damnably hooky. Pick your poison.

10 Comments on “Black Sheep”

  1. That’s one of my favorite songs on the Scott Pilgrim vs the World soundtrack, along with the stuff by ‘Sex Bob-Omb’. Garbage Truck is expecially great. Fantastic movie, great soundtrack. This CD stays in my car’s CD changer all the time. :)

  2. I’ve been listening to this one for weeks, ever since I saw the movie. Song has kind of a Poe+Interpol thing going on, though what else I’ve heard of Metric’s output is a bit different.

    Tumbleweed: Sex Bob-Omb’s stuff is all written by Beck, so it’s all good; the special edition on iTunes has his versions as well. I’m right there with you on Garbage Truck.

  3. If you’re like Sarcasmorator and want more Metric that sounds like “Black Sheep,” then you’ll probably want to listen to the tracks off their newest album “Fantasies.” To borrow from Amazon, other people who like this song also like:

    Stadium Love

    Gimme Sympathy

    Gold Guns Girls

    Sick Muse

    Their older albums like “Live It Out” and “Old World Underground” have a bit of a different sound; this is one of the cases where I like the band’s music from AFTER they got all popular more than before.

  4. Once I recover from how awful the movie was, I’ll go out and buy all the related music. Because the music was down right “Kickin”.

  5. I love the Brie Larson version a bit more but both are great.

    I had finally my jones for this song(and soundtrack) under control and now it’s back with a vengeance. I’ll be listening to Sex Bob-omb all day now.

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