Canoes, Canoes, Canoes

If you’ve been following the Twitter feed today, you know I was at a picnic today: My mother-in-law’s company was doing its annual employee thing, so off we went. I won’t bore you with the details, but here are a couple of pictures from the day:

Athena and Krissy, working the canoe;

Today’s sunset, minus the actual sunset but plus some fairly impressive crepuscular light.

And that’s the day for you.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

12 replies on “Canoes, Canoes, Canoes”

Yes, the career. Yes, the beautiful wife, gifted child, loyal — if occasionally greasy — pets. Yes. I’m jealous. That has been established.

But what really burns me?

You got a legitimate chance to use the word ‘crepuscular.’

I hope you appreciate it.

Any chance you would post a link to a larger version of that second picture? It is quite impressive.

Not that the first picture is not also impressive but asking for a bigger copy of it might be a little creepy.

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