Clash of the Geeks Write-Ups and Status Check

Well, it’s been a busy day here at the Scalzi Compound, not the least because I’ve been kept busy with PR duties for Clash of the Geeks while still doing everything else I’m supposed to do with my day (writing, consulting on SG:U, fighting crime, tweezing the cats, etc). But it’s paid off pretty well; here’s a compendium of notices we’ve gotten today in the media.

Boing Boing

LA Times


Quill and Quire

Publishers Weekly

And a very special mention to Neil Gaiman, who brought to its knees with this Tweet, but then I turned on SuperCache and everything was groovy again, and Neil was awesome for sending people our way. And of course the CoG contributors did their part as well. And then finally, if you’re one of the people who blogged or tweeted (or retweeted, or made a Facebook post, and so on), please know that you are a Hero of the Revolution and your efforts are really very much appreciated. I would kiss you all, but considering how sick I’ve been recently that might not be the very best idea at the moment. Maybe a hug. A brief, friendly-but-not-too-clingy hug.

I’m happy to say we’ve raised several thousand dollars to this point (exact numbers are hard to pin down, they keep changing), but we’re hoping to do more and I’m hoping if you’ve not checked out the chapbook already, that you’ll still take the opportunity to download it, consider making a voluntary payment, and tell your friends about it. All that word of mouth makes a difference. Thanks again very much for it.

11 Comments on “Clash of the Geeks Write-Ups and Status Check”

  1. Hate to be a nit-picker, but here I am picking nits. The io9 and Boing Boing links both direct to the io9 article.

    Otherwise, I love this book! The two winners of the contest were brilliant! All in good fun, all for a good cause. Thanks, John and Wil!

  2. Thank you for making it available in a variety of open formats.

    I plan on reading it on an airplane tomorrow.

  3. Mr. Scalzi, this is a truly awesome thing! But I have a question: How long will the ‘donate’ links be in effect? I ask because, while I have already downloaded the chap book, I’m not able to make a donation at this very moment… It’ll be a couple of weeks at least, due to a poorly timed and very expensive car repair bill…

    I fully intend to make a donation (heck, Patrick Rothfuss’ epic poem alone is worth at least $20) if the mechanics enabling that will still be in place when my finances are aligned with doing so. Is there an end date to accepting donations for this awesome endeavor?

  4. I made one donation before reading, and now feel overwhelmed w/ guilt. There is simply just too much awesome for one small donation.

    And someone more talented than me needs to come up w/ a plush UPK toy. Everyone I know would get one this year for Christmas. (Hoping and assuming proceeds go to the same charity.)

    As for the hug, I’ll gladly accept if you can promise to keep your hands on the outside of the clothing this time.

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