A Chance to Win Clash of the Geeks

Rachel Swirsky, who contributed a fabulous story to Clash of the Geeks, is currently running a contest to give away copies of the chapbook to ten lucky winners.

And you ask: How can she give away copies of a book that you can get for free (although voluntary payment is strongly encouraged)?

The answer is actually quite clever, and so is the contest, and both await you here.

So go! And enter! And win!

4 Comments on “A Chance to Win Clash of the Geeks”

  1. You know, I bet Custom Creatures Taxidermy could make you a unicorn pegasus kitten.


  2. It’s so awesome, I’m not allowed to see it from work.


    I own a Droid. I can surf with impunity!


    (Apple buffs, insert “iPhone” for “Droid” and proceed with evil laughter as warranted.)

    (Blackberry owners. Sucks to be you.)

  3. (Or maybe it doesn’t. I just didn’t like my Blackberry, mainly because my former employer made me carry it. Could explain why I don’t work there anymore.)

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