Summer’s Last Sunset

Because tomorrow is the first day of fall:

Not a bad summer. But I’m looking forward to fall.

24 Comments on “Summer’s Last Sunset”

  1. i’m so stealing this to use as my background. i’ll give you pie. or maybe cake. or coke zero. :)

  2. Nice picture, but the (I suppose it’s clouds?) look so much like mountains the sun looks more like a cave/lave-flow breakout than sun.

  3. Fall, pffft, for you northern hemisphereites maybe. We’re looking forward to summer! Tomorrow is the beginning of spring, the bestest season of the year.

    I just hope you guys haven’t sucked all the warmth and niceness out of it these last few months. You and those darned Russians, using up all those heatwaves like crazy people, don’t think we didn’t notice what you were up to.

  4. Good riddance. I hate summer heat. Gimme spring and fall’s moderate temperatures.

    I am sticking that on my Android though. Thanks, Scalzi!

  5. And again I get surprised by cultural differences with the US and Ireland. Fall, as you call it, starts here on August 1st.

  6. Yeah, I’m looking foward to fall, too. And it’s supposed to be nice a fall-like here today. However, over the weekend the temperatures are expected to top 90 F again for a few days.

    Ah, well. It’s Fresno. What else could I expect? Most of the trees won’t even start dropping their leaves until about Thanksgiving.

  7. Here in the Great North Wet, Fall started in late August- the climatic part anyway. Personally, I’d prefer to hang on to Summer a bit longer.

    Awesome picture BTW.

  8. Here in Southern California, we’re having a nice return of June Gloom to celebrate the start of Fall.

  9. For those of you who *had* summer this year, I’m so sorry that it’s going away. Monthly Average high here this year is about 20 °C, and we’ve had one day over 30.

    Having said that, (and the fact that I still wouldn’t trade it for 35C/90 in Chicago for weeks on end, TYVM), very nice picture.

  10. Pretty cool for Ohio. I mean, who’d of thought? Ohio is like so Amish and flat and well… sort of, you know, BORING.

  11. No one is going to tell John that Autumn started late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning (check your local listings)? OK. If you cannot rely on snarky, picky internet commentators, what can you trust?

  12. Very cute. Yes, I noticed that yesterday. HOWEVER, yesterday it was overcast here all day long, so at the very least, the sunset pictured here was the last summer sunset I could see from home.


  13. I admit to being dumb enough that I had to think about whether the equinox happened at one exact time or travelled through the time zones a la New Years. I got there in the end.